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Santa Rosalia with the wind at our backs :)

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Thursday April 25th, Chilly calm night in San Francisquto. We woke with our bows pointing north after 3 days of south winds which is a good thing. We’re heading to Santa Rosalia 71nms south. Not having the wind on our nose is going to make IMG_2187 [3]life much more enjoyable.  The dampness from the marine layer is gone and decks are dry after last nights winds off Baja.

Exiting the anchorage and rounding Punta San Gabriel the waves are very confused but the north winds drive us through them with no problem. Winds start out at the 15kt range and built to 20kt allowing us to make way with sail only. Unfortunately by early afternoon we are motor sailing with lighter winds. All good with comfortable seas and a happy crew.

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Loosing an hour to Mountain time, we arrive in Santa Roslia 7:30 local time and find 7 boats in the Singlar marina. Crew wastes no time to head in to town.

Jeffrey finds the big produce market just as we arrive at the plaza and the old steam engine from past mining operations dating back to the 1860s.

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Dinner at El Muelle was good as usual. Above right, Guaymas ferry arriving 8ish Friday morning

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Friday, April 26th… Singlar marina, steam engine with Santa Rosalia plaza behind & the salty Gato Loco crew.

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Our lucky day, the historic mining museum was open for the first time on my past visits. Lots of cool old stuff. In the vault, book keeping dated back to the 1890s. Above center shows what the Eiffel church looked like back when it was originally assembled after being shipped from France. Compare that to the picture below more than 100 years later. Lynnie and I pose with Hotel Frances behind us, the historic jewel of Santa Rosalia.


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The Eiffel church outside and the elegant inside, A must see.


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Jeffery in front of the French bakery and a typical local house.

Lynnie and Jeffrey LOVE Santa Rosalia. Since their early riser, they were off the boat for sightseeing at sunrise and got to watch the city wake. Craig and I work the to do list on Gato Loco and soon after they arrive with lots of food provision. They also reported a great breakfast at the restaurant across the street from Mahatma Gandhi library which is closed and being fully remodeled.

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The plan.. Take care of provisions, have lunch at one of the street taco stands and then head out to Isla San Marco just 10 miles across the channel.

The marina has no fuel again this year so we have to lug gas cans across the road to the Pemix. Not far but carry 10 gallons that distance is still an effort.

Not sure the crew is ready to leave but we cast off 1”ish” for one of the most interesting anchorages in the Sea, “Los Arcos”.

All well on Gato Loco

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