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South Winds heading for San Francisquito

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IMG_1883 [2]Wednesday April 24

Yesterday…Arriving on Guillermo’s ramp we found the restaurant closed but some of the staff were working the store. Within minutes they volunteered to run us to the Pemix for fuel. We had to be careful to not step through the floor of their late model Datson truck. Fuel consumption was light coming south using less than 20 gallons into the bay.  David, about to climb in with Jeffery in the photo right, was lots of help and entertained Jeffery to no end.

IMG_1884 [3]

Port engine repair note. Oil consumption is back to normal after our repairs.

With Guillermo’s closed we walked 2 blocks north to Hotel Costa del Sol for dinner. Next week there’s a Baja race and the advance crew has all the rooms booked.  Scooby Doo and the owner Victoria welcome us.  Scooby Doo is very friendly, greeting each guest personally.

IMG_1888 [4] IMG_1889 [5]


Salty crew celebrating another safe passage. Extra bonus, the hotel has wireless internet so we could catch up on emails, drink and eat, a perfect combination. 



Departing Bay of LA at sunrise… Calm night last night unlike last year when Doug and I got Blown out of the Bay at 4 AM. Pangas leaving to fish at 4 AM still woke our early risers.  Heading out of the Bay at sunrise we caught the Ham weather report which forecasts 15-20kts out of the SE. SOOO.. today’s plan is to motor sail to Isla Salispudes which mid way to tonights anchorage San Francisquito. The island will position us for a sail only run to San Francisquito. Food note… We found a new pan store making large sour dough bread loafs that made excellent French toast as we exit the Bay.

IMG_1890 [6] IMG_1895 [7]IMG_1897 [8]

  IMG_1900 [9]


Winds are kind to us in the morning giving us some time on the foredeck and some morning cheer.

Waiting for wind, Lynnie brings out her entertainment. I mentioned before departing that I was on Wallace and Ladmo after wining a yoyo competition in the 7th grade so she picked up some Duncan Imperial’s to test my skills. Sorry to report those skills seem to be gone, although they’re great fun “walking the dog” on the salon deck.



IMG_1903 [10] IMG_1904 [11] IMG_1905 [12]








IMG_2153 [13]

Conditions and winds build 10 miles out from Salsipuedes with very confused seas. Finally we made our way to the lee of the Island getting some relief. Winds in the 15kt range as we arrive in the north anchorage with good SE wind protection.

IMG_2165 [14]






 IMG_2169 [15]Overlooking the north slot anchorage


Right, Fog bank as we depart the island.

Woo Hoo… The ride to San Francisquito turns wild with winds building to 25ks and 3-4ft seas that occasionally crash and wash over the cabin. This crew is getting very salty on this leg. I even called for life jackets on deck and we reefed the main when winds hinted that they might build more. Of course, as soon as put a reef in thing started to calm down.  Not able to make the anchorage with the wind direction we had to make one tack costing us an hour on our arrival around 6ish.

We see our first sailboat as we motor into the north facing anchorage with perfectly calm water. There’s been a heavy marine layer all day with threatening fog. Skies are overcast and temps have dropped into the 60’s. Burr

 IMG_2175 [16]IMG_2182 [17]







A huge blanket of puffy red clouds bid the sun goodbye for the day.

Tonight we having Jeffery’s prize Pinto fillet for dinner. 4.8 lbs of perfectly cooked fish, some of which will have for dinner tomorrow.

IMG_1902 [18]


Fishing report. We only had lines out briefly this morning. Today was a serious sailing day. I do have to give Dave Adams a big thank for refurbishing our equipment and donating some nice lures. If your in Cholla make sure you get your supplies from Dave. Dave, we’re getting along fine without that pole we left behind. Thx

Until the next Update.

Awesome cruise so far…

The salty crew.

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