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Baja 2013, Lets get it started

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January Jam in Cholla Bay has come to set the stage for the spring sailing season. Rain throughout the southwest threatened to put a damper on the evening but after raining all night the night before,  dry, cloudy but mild weather treated us to very nice evening of music at JJ’s Cantina. “Our second home in a third world cantina” as the Peacemaker song describes. Check out the moon’s brief appearance as the evening begins and probably 500 enjoying the concert evening.

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Friday before the music activities began we had a visit from 2 or maybe 3 humpback whales that chose to spend the day feeding at a distance in front of our house as if beaconing us get our sailing season started.

Cruise plan

For some reason I’m extra excited about this season. Frankie and I have decided to stay in the southwest through July this year which makes more time for cruising and for me that means spending more time the northern Sea and some new anchorages. Bill and I have been working on a tentative cruise schedule..  We have some crews lined up and you’ll see there are some opening still available.  It’s hard to believe that Gato Loco made her first appearance in the Sea of Cortez in 2002. This will be our 11th year enjoying sharing the Sea of Cortez with our friends. Here’s a vintage link to our Baja Haha race from San Diego to Cabo back in 2002..  http://www.gatolocosailing.com/blog/?p=4696 [8]

Details.. Check out anchorage locations on the Google window below..

Leg 1 – (Apr 21 – May 2,  Penasco to Puerto Escondido (Loerto Fest) (Lowell, Craig Roper, Jeff Altfillisch. (1 single)

May 2 – 4, Loreto Fest

Leg 2 – (May 5 – 10) Seawind Rally Loreto area (Lowell, Frankie, Bill & Carol)

Leg 3 – (May 11 – 18) Loreto south to Isla San Francisco and back (Bill, Carol, Jane, Randy, Peggy & Jerry)

Leg 4 – (May 18 – 25) Loreto, Conception, Mulege, Santa Rosalia  (Bill, Mike, Liane , Tres & Ruthanne)

Leg 5 – (May 25 – Jun 1) Santa Rosalia, San Marcos, Mulege, Conception, Punta Chavato and cross to San Carlos (Bill, Dave, Bob & Rick)

Leg 6 – (Jun 1 – 8) San Carlos area (Bill ???

Peacemakers June 6 –9

Bus to San Carlos Sunday Jun 9th

Leg 7 – (Jun 9 – 16) San Carlos, Kino, Bay of LA, Gonzaga and on to San Felipe (Lowell, Paul.. (1 double, 1 single)

(slack tides in San Felipe on the 16th makes Singlar Marina accessible.. Confirm)

Leg 8 – (Jun 16 – 23) San Felipe, Islands, Gonzaga, Puerto Refugio, Puerto Lobos and on to Penasco (Lowell.. 2 doubles )

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