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Home to Penasco, Steamy Mulege

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Friday June 1, day 4 sailing north

Awesome, Awesome Awesome, the wind  promised by the ham net arrived by 10 AM as we motored north out of San Sebastian heading for Mulege, 35 miles north. Yesterday’s wind was on our nose which would have been a big pain to make Mulege. Today we have winds at 18 from the SE at our back and before long we had the spinnaker up and cruising at 9 – 10 kts. Life is good as you can tell by the 3 musketeers in the photos above.

Setting the hook in the Mulege channel we soon feel the humidity, It’s steamy in Mulege as we arrive before 3 thanks to the wind.



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The Mulege light house sets on a hill (Punta Sombrerito) at the mouth of the channel and is used by the locals for a stair master for exercising.  Paul and I took the challenge and counted 138 steps to the ladder that takes you to the top. Great view. There’s a new LED solar light operating and the old discarded light sets nearby.

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^ The north shore above left.

< Rick waves from Gato Loco.

This is Paul’s first visit so we get to take the Gato Loco nickel tour, Hotel Serenidad, the Mission and downtown Mulege. It starts with dinghy ride to the south shore where the pool bar at Serenidad awaits Rick.  There’s 3 planes on the hotel landing strip, one just arriving landing in a strong cross wind we blew in with.

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The 1705 Mission is always the highlight of the tour.


And the grand view over the palm covered valley below the Mission.





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Waterhole cool down, the owner’s friendly dog and my new hat.

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Our taxi driver drops us off at his house near the central plaza where he parks in a vine covered shade garage. When we’re ready to head back to the boat we’re to tap on his hood which will fire his alarm to signal to him we’re ready. Rick is hot so we stop by the local watering hole owned by a gringo (the candle in Spanish). Paul and I score, buying two fossilized sharks teeth from the bartender who is selling them for one of her friends. She gets a kick out of Rick when he orders a bottle of water and then sticks his head out the window and pours the water over his head. It’s not that hot but Rick is over temping. After some shopping for Paul we head back to the taxi and on to the boat, another nickel tour complete.

At sunset, hoping to have dinner at El Patron we walked the north shore to find it closed again. Doug and I had no luck on the south bound stop.  On to Pancho Villa’s for dinner. It’s now cooler for quiet night in the channel

Until the next Update… All is good on Gato Loco

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