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Heading to the Western Tyrrhenian Sea Coast

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Tropea & Pizzo

IMG 8378We we were amazed how quickly you can move from the east coast to the west coast taking less than 2 hours to drive over the mountains. IMG 8380The landscape went from arid to green and the presence of a marine layer with more humidity. Our destination Tropea and Pizzo both early middle age fishing villages and now big tourist destinations. It’s Friday of the busiest vacation week in Italy and we don’t have a reservation. We

. IMG 8382had lunch in Tropea early afternoon and then went searching for a hotel room. Nothing in Tropea and the seaside communities south. We did find an old historic hotel in Tropea that would be interesting to stay at someday. Most hotel staff smiled as if to be saying “you’re kidding right”. Maybe a night in the car seat yet.. We decided to head north towards Pizzo 20 miles up the coast when we came on a very nice 4 star hotel. Of course the most expensive hotel in the area would have a room. We’re desperate and take it. Turned out to be very nice and good AC. Tropea in the photos above. Frankie found the shopping district with no problem.

IMG 8385


Since we stopped in Tropea for lunch we decided drive 15 miles north to PizzoIMG 8388 for dinner. Pizzo sets out on a cliff point and it’s medieval construction provided no car parking. Amazingly we pulled into a small parking area managed by very efficient friendly attendants. We set in our car for 20 min and they cleared us a spot.

. IMG 8395Climbing the stairs to the village we were excited when we arrived to a very active pedestrian street with shops, bars and restaurants filled with people. It’s after sunset with only a little light left for photos. The colorful castle is Castello di Pizzo (1486).



IMG 8398IMG 8390.

.<Looking south towards Tropea

.Main plaza in Pizzo >




IMG 8410IMG 8413.

.In Italy, villages have drinking water sources that are more like monuments. People come to fill water containers or simply stop for a drink. Me in this case >>>


.< The classic Italian transportation. And the American import below.

.IMG 8411



IMG 8419An excellent combination visiting both villages today.


.<Pizzo church

.IMG 8428.

Hotel St. Lucia just north of Tropea >

Saturday morning and we’re heading north to get closer to Rome for our return to the US on Monday. We’re going to try the Amalfi coast between Salerno and Naples. Traffic on the A3 autostrada is packed in.. Every time there is a construction area we have a 30 min delay. IMG 8486Looks like all the vacationers are heading home today.

Approaching the Amalfi coast the seaside becomes steep and very picturesque. After yesterdays hotel experience we will try to find a hotel ASAP. Driving the coast road hotels only appear as very small parking areas with the hotels cascading down the cliffs below. It’s hard to know what the hotel is like. Finding an interesting hotel sign we found a tiny place to stop the Fiat and Frankie finds the hotel elevator and descends out of sight.!!

Next Update. Will Frankie ever be seen again…?

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