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The Adventure Resumes May 29th

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A week off the water and I finally found time to sort through photos from the Rally. There’s lots of fun photos. Here’s an oncore.

Oh yes, we’ve made plans to bring Gato Loco home for the Peacemaker concert weekend. Tuesday May 29th, the day after memorial weekend, Paul Littley, Rick Quant and I fly from LAX to Loreto. We’ll have a 11 day cruise north arriving in Penasco Thursday or Friday before the concert.

Right, Barramundi and Gato Loco at Isla Coronados.




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The race from Coronados to San Juanico. Ralph & Kurt are trying to tell us something.

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Beach Party


San Juanico

Devin is the entertainment




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Party on Barramundi in Bahia Salinas

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Salt anybody?

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Vee Cove inspiration

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Ensenada Blanca Resort. Fading back into civilization.

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Kat Kan Do’s agua glider. Turbo snorkeling lets glide through schools of fish effortlessly. Very cool.

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Below… Steve returns to Barramundi after planting our feet firmly on land for a few weeks.

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Aero Calafia scenery to Hermosillo

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Here’s the only whale encounter from leg 1 & 2 just north of Puerto Escondido. Big tail slap right.

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Friend Carter asked if we could share our cruise on Google Earth. What a great idea. I spent some time to learn how to us it and have loaded our cruising area with anchorage details. Use the navigation upper left and the hand drag to take a journey into the Sea of Cortez. I love the celestial start to viewing the Sea. Makes me think we’re travellers of the Universe.   I’m still learning, so there might be some issues.. You might also have to load a Google driver on your computer and I don’t think it will work on phones or tablets. Have fun sightseeing..

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Until the next Update

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