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Seawind Rally Magic Tale 4

Thursday May 10th..IMG_7144 [1]

Gato Loco limps out of Bahia Salinas with no wind and only a single engine. We only have 12 miles, so as I said, No worries.. Steve & Pam are joining us motoring north. This area of Isla Carmen is where all the fishermen come so Steve has 4 lines in the water and Bill has a single deep diver “Redden” lure under tow.  Bingo, we got a hookup!!

 IMG_7146 [2]

In the Picture right you can see Bill fighting this monster while Steve powers Barramundi up to checkup on the catch. It’s a 3’ Yellowtail (Bill’s sure it 4’). Steve is a sushi conisuer  and he’s itemizing his sushi supplies… Well all of that was a little early. The landing crew went to adjust the gaff and our sushi plans slipped back into the sea and Steve is almost hysterical, well maybe not.

IMG_7147 [3] …………IMG_7164 [4]…………… IMG_7167 [5]

IMG_7169 [6] IMG_7173 [7]

Vee Cove

Our friendly Indian silhouette greets us as we enter Vee Cove. Boy do we like this anchorage and tonight is going to be perfect night with light SW winds that will blow out of the cove and keep us cool.

I give Steve & Pam a quick tour of the caves and walls that make this anchorage one of our favorites in the Loreto area.

Tonight Gato Loco will host dinner and I plan on introducing everybody to Bitchin Rummy.

IMG_7175 [8]….IMG_7178 [9]IMG_7180 [10]

Very nice evening, great dinner and I didn’t do much Bitchin 🙂 Actually, Steve did most of the Bitchin and never had a positive score while I won with 1300 points. I guess my crew Doug trained me well.

IMG_7217-crop [11]

IMG_7229a [12]

Friday May 11th.. Before leaving this awesome anchorage we take a walk to capture the splendor for turquoise waters framed by white sandstone walls. Notice the bait fish ball between Barramundi and Gato Loco above.

IMG_7230a [13]


116_1054 [14]

Another cool thing… Just outside our anchorage a new family of dolphins were swimming back and forth. Bill dinghied out and found two very young baby dolphins learning to swim and breathe. Mom would take them down and soon after they would pop back up on the surface for a breath..

Below, a shot Bill took looking  back in to the anchorage.



116_1061 [15]

116_1062 [16]………116_1068 [17]………116_1066 [18]

116_1069 [19]

Departing Vee Cove, we’re heading for Bahia Candelaros an anchorage 18 miles south close to Escondido. BUT, we soon have a great idea of stopping by the Clam Shack which is sort of on our way south.

116_1067 [20]









This restaurant is on the highway between Loreto and Puerto Escondido and is the best dirt floor cafe in the area. My scallops Mexican style in a bowl of spices like Agua Chile was to die for…  Yum…

IMG_7252 [21]……. IMG_7254 [22]…… IMG_7256 [23]

IMG_7263 [24]


Nice way to end the Rally

All 4 Seawinds anchored together in Bahia Candelaros in front of Ensenada Blanca Resort, a new hotel built this past year. They are catering to cruisers working to build their business. Beautiful place as you can see.

Near sunset the Seawinds dance at anchor in perfect harmony. I couldn’t have planned this shot if I tried.

The area is known for night time westerlies but tonight was perfect.

Below.. Fire pit overlooking the anchorage.


IMG_7276 [25]

IMG_7292 [26] IMG_7298 [27]

Saturday, May 12… Our last day on Gato Loco, we fly back to Hermosillo tomorrow and on to Cholla then Phoenix. Reality time 🙁

But first we want to pull the bad part on Gato Loco’s starboard engine. Steve has all the tools to pull the flywheel and remove the bad ignition coil. Team work and we have it removed. Steve has thought he might have a replacement for us but hasn’t been able to find his parts.  Seeing the part we remove, gets him thinking again and soon after departing the boat he returns with the part we need. 15 minutes later it’s installed and the engine is purring like a baby. A big hug for Steve and a replacement part has been ordered using Magic Jack. Life is good in Baja..

Gato Loco will be moored in Puerto Escondido for the next few weeks. The adventure will resume soon.

Until the next Update.

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