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Seawind Rally Magic Tale 3

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Wednesday, May 9th

Exiting San Juanico with Bahia Salinas as our next anchorage 40 miles to the SE. Ham net is forecasting NE winds which would be perfect BUT unfortunately it never materialized. Kat Kan Do opted out on the long leg heading to Puerto Ballandra across from Loreto. MoonDrifter, Barramundi and Gato Loco  motored into Salinas 5ish with a quick stop at the wreck for some snorkeling. Water clarity was a bit disappointing..

IMG_7028 [3] 








Kat Kan Do departing San Juanico…>>

IMG_7078 [4]

Tonight is music night on Barramundi. It’s too bad that Cat Can Do didn’t make it since Bruce plays and could join Steve for the evening entertainment. Lots of goodies arrive with each crew and thanks to Joe on Mariah (who headed for San Carlos) we have a huge pan of steamed chocolate clams.. Yum Yum..

Steve and Pam are great hosts on their 1000 Seawind like Gato Loco. Steve loves music night as he is the star. He has lots of acumplement instruments including the filing cabinet I played.

Helen & Ralph below… Our idols.. Ralph is now 81 and still cruising strong.


IMG_7051 [5] IMG_7040 [6]











IMG_7061 [7]

IMG_0914 [8]







Bill & Lisa from “Beyond Reason” anchored near us join the fun.. Pam & Laurie enjoy one of Steve’s best…

IMG_7064 [9]

IMG_7054 [10]


Thursday May 10th

Last year Ralph & Helen started a new tradition of “French Toast Breakfast”. You can tell the crews are all over this tradition including Steve’s Bloody Marys.

IMG_7070 [11] IMG_7073 [12]

Salinas Bay has the old salt mine that we’ve photographed the past years. It’s such a interesting location and we have some crews that haven’t yet seen it, SO, Here’s some more photos.

IMG_7080 [13]…..IMG_7090 [14]…..IMG_7096 [15]


IMG_7103 [16]

IMG_7108 [17]


All the crew right except Kurt the Photog.








Love the white salt flats. Not sure I know of a place like it.

IMG_7123a [18] IMG_7129a [19]


IMG_7132 [20]

IMG_7127 [21]


Kurt gets in touch with his inner self on the white blanket of salt.

Frankie’s not sure if this tractor will run.. Well maybe she is…






Kurt and Laurie will depart early tomorrow driving back to San Diego. We say goodbye as they sail south in MoonDrifter and Gato Loco and Barramundi will sail north to Vee Cove just 10 miles around the corner.

IMG_7136 [22]

11 am.. Hauling anchor, We have a problem… Starboard engine won’t start.. Can you believe it.. Steve, on Barramundi, and I were just having a discussion about a common failure on our engines. The charge coil that provides spark to the spark plugs has failed twice on Barramundi and once in Gato Loco… And wouldn’t you know it, Goto Loco now has our second failure. No worries, we’ve got one engine left and we’re a sail boat. Off to Vee Cove. We’ll deal with this problem tomorrow.

Until the next Update

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