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No Bad Days in Mulege

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Sunday April 29th

Our last update was from Sweet Pee Cove. That seems like days ago. Our 6:30 departure was met with a serous mechanical problem. The main sheet blocks are the accelerator peddle for sailboats. The loads on this block is huge especially in 40 kt breezes like we had approaching Santa Rosalia. As we departed the stainless plate broke creating big problem. Our departure was down wind with 8 miles before we needed to make a sail adjustment. Time for the MaGuivers to get to work. Picture left the problem, picture right the repair part fabricated in time to make a sail jib towards Punta Chivato. Parts ordered from our sailing friends coming from San Diego. IMG_0871 [4]

Rounding Punta Chivato winds are perfect for our run in to Conception Bay. Broad reach and 7 kts.. Soon we get a special treat with 50 + dolphins.

IMG_0880 [5]







Conception Bay is 22 miles long and waters are warmer giving us the courage to begin enjoying the warmer water and a nice swim. Up till now the temps just weren’t inviting.

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Our Sunday night anchorage is at El Burro beach in front of Bertha’s Restaurant. Dinner out tonight at Bertha’s complete with fish bowl margaritas. A traveling Mexican family stopped by for dinner and had this cute little dobbi pup.

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Monday April 30th.. The last day of April we’re off to a nearby island to do some snorkeling.

Our evening last night was nice, good dinner and then  a good visit with Geary who lives in a palapa house on the beach and provides the entire Sea of Cortez boating community with detailed weather each day on the ham radio net.






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Doug and I both have underwater cameras and were happy to get in the water and take some pics….

116_1003 [14]


After snorkeling we head out of Conception to Mulege (Moo La Hay) which sits on Baja just at the top of Conception. It is a river town with an esturary that we can anchor in. There’s lot of Americans here and great fishing. As my t-shirt says… No Bad Days in Mulege.

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IMG_6665 [16]







Town is 2 miles up river, too far to walk. We walk to the nearby Hotel Serenidad. The owner Don Johnson founded it in 1963 and today’s our lucky day. Don gave us a ride in to town with great history as we drive. He must be in his mid 80s and has been in Mulege since the 60s.. A lot history there!

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Mulege is very sleepy and we arrive in town 2ish and siesta isn’t over until 3ish. Nothing to do but head for our favorite Mexican restaurant for margs. This is actually Bill & Dave’s favorite place to get crews trashed.


Next some shopping and then back to the boat to sleep off the buzz.

IMG_6676 [18]






Dinner tonight is at Ponco Villa’s a rustic little place on the river. Dinners are cooked in the kitchen near your table while you wait, and wait.. It was worth the wait with internet to catch up on things.

IMG_6682 [19]






Our dinning area surrounded by lush plants.. A change from the stark cactus environment we’ve had till now. Mi-chilados and Chile Relnios.  Good stuff.

IMG_6684 [20]




The kitchen and our host.

IMG_6687 [21]




Back to Gato Loco before darkness. Rio Santa Rosalia estuary channel looking west.

IMG_6690 [22]





Gato Loco as we approach in darkness.

IMG_6693 [23]





Tomorrow we’re off to Bahia San Sebastian or possibly Caleta San Juanico depending on winds.

We should catch up with some of our sailing friends in the next few day. All good on Gato Loco


Until the next Update

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