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North winds to San Francisquito (5th update)

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Thursday April 26th.

  We’re a little haggard from our anchor escapades in Bay of LA as we take shifts steering down wind with 25 – 30 kts at out back. We’re so glad we escaped the Bay and now have winds pushing us down the hill at 10 kts. Our destination today is the north slot at Bahia San Francisquito but have decided to stop at Isla Sulsepuedes for lunch and little rest. With these winds we will make the slot with time to spare.

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11 AM and we’re already to Sulsepuedes. The south shore anchorage is quiet and a welcome refuge from the 3’ following seas. There’s a fishing camp in the next cove where they are busy working their shark catch.  We always seem to see shark fishermen here. Must say something about the waters here. I must say they’re all small sand sharks.

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The island is easy to hike with lots of trails. We dinghy over to the beach near the fishing camp and get some exercise before lunch.


IMG_0767 [6]


The island is very dry with only very hardy cactus. The cholla cactus even look parched here. The only moisture is dew and hurricanes. Doug does his cactus imitation and peaks through one of many wind erosions along the trails.

IMG_0775 [7] 





Doug looks scary as a dried ray.

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Back underway at 1:30 with about 18 miles to Francisquito. Winds have backed down a little but we’re still able to sail at 6+ without motors.IMG_6601 [9]

Anchor down in the slot shaped bay called Cala San Francisquito 5ish in 12’ of water with a good sand bottom.  The narrow entrance faces north and only under extreme conditions will north winds effect the bay. We need some rest tonight and this should be the place… On our way north last year we meet Alberto who owns the land surrounding the bay. Going ashore we found Alberto was not home which means no internet like we had going north last year. One house was open and we meet three guys from San Diego who have what’s more like a garage complex to hold their boats, jeeps and ATVs. They just arrived yesterday a day late due to boat trailer problems on the wash board roads to this very remote area.

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The bay is totally flat with light north breeze at dinner. Doug recently travel to Havana Cuba and brought back some real  Cohiba cigars and tonight they’re our desert. Picture left we’re telling tails under the new led lights over the outdoor  cooking center and enjoying our Cubans.. Just deserves after last night. Early night.. We’re now even on Bitchin Rummy..IMG_6607 [12] IMG_6608 [13]

Friday April 27, 6 AM.. I here Doug firing up the coffee. Excellent night with no drama. We’re rested and ready to head out on the 77 mile leg to Santa Rosalia.

Morning coffee and ham net weather as we exit the bay. Picture right you can see the narrow entrance as we make our way out..

Until the next Update

BTW: No sea life seen since the sea lions in Puerto Refugio. No fish caught either. 🙁

Riding the Waves to Loreto (By Craig Reay)    right click here to download Craig’s song [14]

We’re riding the waves to Loreto
Wind blowing what’s left of our hair 
We’re sailing with good companeros 
I hope we’ll be seeing ya there.

We’ll soon be in Puerto Escondido  craig [15]
With sailors from far and from near,
We’ll swap tales and curse the mosquitos
We’ll laugh and we’ll drown in our beer.

Hope the wind will be fair in Loreto,
We’ll bask in the dawn’s early light,
Then just like sombrero’d bandidos,
We’ll be off like thieves in the night.

We’re riding the waves to Loreto
We’re brash and we’re “devil may care”
We may move a bit des-pac-ito.
(But) we do it with bravado and flair.

We’ll soon be in Puerto Escondido
Providing the weather is clear,
With ole salts and weathered amigos
We’ll toast to another good year.

Hope the wind will be fair in Loreto,
We’ll bask in the dawn’s early light,
Then we’ll leave you with fond despedidos
And set sail like a seagull in flight…

Just like those fabled bandidos…
We’ll be off like thieves in the night.


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