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Gato Loco Baja 2012

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The Gato Loco crew is busy getting her ready for the 2012 Baja sailing season. This is the year to haul her for new bottom paint and a little bottom repair from what you might remember from last seasons Puerto Lobos grounding experience [3]. Gato Loco gets hauled every 3 years to renew the bottom paint which helps keeping her bottom from looking like a tropical reef. Puerto Penasco has a excellent maintenance boat yard just 100 meters from our home at Marina Penasco that can haul up to 100 tons. Gato Loco’s 6 ton weight is hardly a challenge for their muscle lift.

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IMG_6245 [5]The bulk of the repairs needed are associated with the 6 inches that was broken off the starboard rudder by the Puerto Lobos reef. Local fiberglass specialist have all the repairs completed and Gato Loco went back in the water yesterday (Friday Mar 9th) just in time for some spring break sailing. A few more sea trials, some canvas repairs and a nice wax job and she should be ready to venture south on the 2012 Baja sailing season. 

Baja 2012 Schedule

There are some openings on my legs (Lowell). I’m not sure on Bill & Rick’s legs so I’ll pass any request for their legs on to them. As usual things will fill up fast so if your interested get back to us ASAP even if your not sure it will work for you. lowellmcculley@prodigy.net.mx [6] Security note…Despite what you might hear on the news about Mexico security there’s been no evidence or reports of crime against tourist in Penasco or on the waters of the Sea of Cortez. We’re always alert while sailing and happy to see more presence of authority on the water which makes us still feel there’s no safety issues that would dampen our desire and spirit to continue exploring our wonderful Sea of Cortez.

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Leg 1 Apr 22(sun) – May 3(thur) : Penasco to Puerto Escondido (12 days) (Lowell, Rick1, Doug.. [ 1 opening]

May 4(fri) – 6(sun) Loreto Fest

Leg 2 May 7(mon) – 12(sat) : Seawind Rally – Loreto area (Lowell, Frankie, Bill, Carol) [full]

Leg 3 May 13(sun) – 19(sat) Loreto area (Bill, Carol, Craig & T)[full]

Leg 4 May 20(sun) – 26(sat) Loreto area (Bill, Carol.. [full]

May 28th is Memorial Day 

Leg 5 May 27(sun) – Jun 2(sat) Loreto area (no plans yet)

Leg 6 Jun 3(sun) – Jun 9(sat) Loreto to Santa Rosalia (Rick [??]

Jun 9th  Peacemakers concert in Penasco

Leg 7 Jun 11(mon) Jun 16(sat) Santa Rosila to Bay of LA (Lowell2… [openings]

Leg 8 Jun 17(sun) – Jun23(sat) Bay of LA to Penasco (Lowell3, Pat & Sue.. [openings]

note 1.. Rick will departing Gato Loco in Santa Rosalia April 28th.
note 2.. I will be taking the bus to Hermosillo Sunday june 10th and flying to Santa Rosalia Mon morning. Leg 7 crews must be willing to drive Pat & Sue’s truck back to Cholla Bay via San Felipe. This worked great last year from Santa Rosalia.
note 3.. Crew will be  riding with Pat & Sue, Cholla Bay to Bay of LA.

For those who connecting to Baja thru Hermosillo/Guaymas here are some examples of Aero Calafia’s sched/price

http://www.aereocalafia.com.mx/inicio/ [8]

Fridays & Sundays Hermosillo to Loreto – Hermosillo to La Paz daily – Hermosillo to Santa Rosalia (sat,mon)

Departure Hermosillo To Loreto Friday 04 May 2012  HMO 7:00 LTO 09:35 744 1 $ 1,538.40 MXN

Departure Guaymas To Loreto Friday 04 May 2012 GYM 07:50 LTO 09:35 732 0 $ 1,330.20 MXN

Departure Loreto To Hermosillo Sunday 13 May 2012 LTO 10:05 HMO 10:35 745 1 $ 1,469.60 MXN

Departure Hermosillo To La Paz Saturday 19 May 2012 HMO 07:00 LAP 11:10 236 1 $ 2,349.24 MXN

Departure Hermosillo To Santa Rosalia Tuesday 12 June 2012 HMO 07:00 CIB 09:20 734 1 $ 1,318.00 MXN

[9]….. [10]

Early stages of repair… More photos of the finished work in the next update.

BTW: We plan on making this season low on drama and high on fun… Smile

Until the next Update..

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