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Ricardo really likes La Paz!!

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Jan 30 2003

Nancy and I had a great time in La Paz (the peace), weather was absolutely perfect 80 degrees day/60 degrees night. Wind came up strong every day from exactly 360 degrees north up to 20 knots. Best to motor sail north in morning before wind starts blowing and head south about noon with the wind at your back. We stayed in Partida one night about 5 hours away and Los Rocas another night about two hours away. Both great anchorages. Only mistake we made was returning to port on Sunday to watch the super bowl, we should have stayed out!

La Paz is a great city with everything you need at the CCC supermercado at very cheap prices. We found a great restaurant behind Carlos Y Charlies called Francais Bistro. Awesome food and best cappuccino I ever had. Cream of asparagus soup, lobster salad, shrimp, fish, chocolate mouse, wine, cappuccino all for 37.00 dollars. We also went to church tuesday night on the main square or plaza. Beautiful church. La Paz was not crowded at all, lots of friendly people, cheap prices, and I met a number of people who did the haha.




Anchorages at islands near La Paz

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The marina de la paz is a great place, nice bathrooms with hotwater showers, good café, security and friendly staff. I checked in with Yolanda at the office and all was well, she had the checks for the next two months rent and we did not owe any monies. I had Javier clean the bottom of gato loco for $40 including tip, he did a great job and will keep watch on the boat as he tends for the other catamarans adjacent to us. He will also wash the boat for $25 and clean the bottom again as needed, just fax the marina and he will hop to it! I filled both gas tanks and all 4 large gas cans as needed, but did not fill the small can for the Nissan outboard as I did not know if it was already premixed or not. We need to mark it on the can. I suggest stopping at marina palmyra on the way back in and fill the tanks as this would be much easier than transporting cans to gas station.

Down town square

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We rented a car at budget for $245 for 5 days including all taxes and insurance, great little car and we made it from the marina to the airport in 2 hours 10 minutes (Parnelli Jones style). NEWS ALERT!! Right outside of the airport we had lunch at la palapa and it was better than Mr. Fish Taco! Aero California flies from lax to la paz also, I am checking out their schedule.







Church in the down town square


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Only problem I had was when hoisting the mainsail, the line for the zipper on the lazy cradle got caught on the end of the spreader. I caught it in time but as I was lowering the mainsail it broke the line and tore the zipper about 18 inches. I met with Stephanie at stoutsails@yahoo.com to repair the zipper and paid her. She lives on a boat moored just outside of the marina and has a sail loft in town.







Ricardo and Nancy


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My suggestion is to get to la paz ASAP as this is a great place before it gets too hot!!! The islands are close by to cruise to and spend the night and no problema handling the boat with just two people on board. Great sunsets too!

Hasta la pasta,








Marina De La Paz


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