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Gato Loco Arrives May 29th 2002


Gato Loco arrives in Long Beach May 30th

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Big Fun!!!

Gato Loco arrived May 30. Rick flew to Long Beach to meet Kurt (our Seawind dealer) to help unload her from the container ship.

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The ship took 2 weeks to travel from Sydney to San Francisco then to Long Beach.

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They had to remove shrink-wrap before she could be set in the water.

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Kurt and Rick took her to a nearby boat yard to have the mast stepped.

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The next day we went sailing in Long Beach harbor to check out things before departing the following morning for San Diego.

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Jill, Bill’s girlfriend joined Bill, Rick, Dave, Frankie and Lowell for the sail to San Diego. Winds were good and we made the SD harbor at sunset.

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We spent 3 days in SD at the police docks (left) adding equipment and detailing Gato Loco.

image015 [11]

After options and equipment were installed we departed for Ensenada stopping 3 miles off shore to complete the formal purchase of the boat in international waters with Kurt.

image016 [12]

While sailing to Ensenada we came up on a square rigger in the fog. Jill thought it was pirates and was ready to abandon ship. Turned out to be movie filming for the “Far Side of the World”.

image017 [13]

We arrived in Ensenada in time to christen the boat Gato Loco in her first homeport, CruisePort Marina.

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Great first adventure………

The picture below shows the layout of the boat. 4 sleeping areas, galley, head and grand space in on deck salon.

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