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Baja 2011 Updates, The Whole Story

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It’s always great to look back on a sailing season and recall all the fun and fascinating memories that will linger over the coming months. I would like to thank our crews for their participation in creating these memories which includes those vicarious crews that followed us from update to updated writing wonderful comments to our adventures. Please know that even though we might not of replied back to your comments,  we read them and enjoying every word of support and encouragement. It’s so much fun having you all on board with us.

You will find links below to updates from the cruise leg by leg organized from the most recent to where this season started. Things will probably be quiet over the coming months but I will post if I have something interesting to share.

Until the next update.

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Baja 2011 Updates, The Whole Story

[4]June 2011

IMG_2818 [9] [10]

IMG_2444 [13]

May 2011 [17]

[20]IMG_0579 [21]

IMG_0680 [23]IMG_0556 [24]

DSC_0144 [27]

DSC_0254 [31]

IMG_1420 [38]IMG_1259 [39]

April 2011 [40]IMG_0731 [41]

IMG_0772 [49]IMG_0977 [50]IMG_0972 [51]

March 2011 [54]

IMG_2332 [58]

DSC_0182 [59]IMG_1202 [60]

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