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On the Road to Greece (In Gallatin Missouri)


Ready for the first leg by air..


IMG 6152It’s Thursday our last day before beginning the first leg of the journey by air. Tomorrow we’re off to New York City leaving out of Kansas City.


We arrived at my Mother’s, an hour north of Kansas City, Monday afternoon. The drive from Buena Vista Co. pictured above and right was uneventful. We broke the drive into two days staying overnight at Wakeeney Kansas about 100 miles west of the Colorado line.

IMG 6174

Driving in Kansas in the afternoon is a windy ordeal with winds out of the SSW at 15-20. Our drive on into Gallatin on Monday was much better with rain on & off keeping it cool.

<<Neely keeping me company as we drive.

Hanging in Gallatin we’ve settled our dog Neely in where she will be staying while we’re in Europe. We’ve been busy visiting with relatives and friends.

Weather here is wonderful by Phoenix standards in the low 80s and very cool at night and early morning making exercising very pleasant.


IMG 6188

Photo right is my aunt/uncle’s awesome 3 story Victorian house they just sold. It would have sold for a mill plus plus in Phoenix but the rural economy here only supports about 25% of that price. Their gardens are spectacular a passion of my aunt Nancy’s. Frankie would love to live in a house like it.

Gallatin supports a rural farm community with a population around 2000. Pictured below is the town square and the one 4-way stop light. We have lots of relatives here and we will probably live here part of the year some time in the future.


IMG 6183


Frankie ready to head for the field..

IMG 6211








IMG 6219The landscape will soon change. Rather than being towered by corn fields we will be among the towers of downtown Manhattan. Cruise mates Murril and Al (birthday girl) and John and Carol will be joining us. We’ve also discovered a special treat, our favorite band and fellow Cholla Bay sailor Roger Clyne and his band the Peacemakers touring in support of their new CD will be playing Saturday night in the city. It’s a Hudson River Rock cruise around the Statue of Liberty. Here’s a link to the cruise. http://www.rocksoff.com/concertcruise.html [1] and to the Peacemakers web site. http://www.myspace.com/azpeacemakers [2].

Friends David and Kate who live in the city will be meeting us for dinner tomorrow night and with the concert cruise Saturday night, what a great start to the cruise!!


On the road to Greece – Lowell & Frankie

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