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Seriously !!! Is the Baja 2011 cruise really over??

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Yes, Seriously it’s over in what seems like a flash. Feels like only yesterday the initial planning was underway and now it lots of great memories. More on the some of the memorable moments but first a quick fill on our final passage from Gonzaga to Penasco.

Tuesday June 14th (last day of Baja 2011)

4 AM.. After our less than restful night, we worked to get our anchor up in 2’ swells rolling through the anchorage. We had done a few circles during the night and our 100’ of anchor chain was wrapped around a few rocks on the bottom. Using the swells to pump the chain  we slowly freed our selves and headed NNE at 29 degrees toward Penasco 90 miles out. Winds are perfect at 15 out of the NW.  We’re [3]motor sailing with on the jib at 7kts with 3’ seas rolling at us on our port side.  The ladies are still sleeping, or at least trying. Finally, at 5:30 there’s enough light to raise the main safely. NW swells are still rolling and we have to turn into the wind and swells to raise the main with a crew on the cabin top. It’ best to not to do this in the dark where a rough wave might pitch a crew member overboard… Even with the morning light Lew takes an uneventful tumble. The main sail is now up with full power and we can now back the engines down and maintain our speed. Nice way to start the morning after our rough night. The sun peaks over the horizon just after 6 and the wind is holding steady so we add a second head sail to the mix and kick our speed up in the 8s.. We’ll be in Penasco in no time.

Mid day we have whales south of us, maybe 5 or 6 but not close enough to get photos. Yes, I was watching for any that might be in our path. I don’t want a repeat of our Leg 1 incident.

Talking on the radio to Villa in Cholla,  he forecasts west winds today but as the afternoon progresses winds slowly disappear and we motor the last couple hours on smooth water… Another uneventful crossing which is a good thing.

Above… Pat & Lew watch as the Penasco shoreline slowly appears. Those last few miles seem to take forever.




We motor past the new malecon waterfront at 6:30 after waving to Frankie and our Cholla friends who are waiting from El Capitan on top the Penasco mountain.

Another good leg completed on Gato Loco. I love how the experience of a leg always bonds the crew. There’s talk about turning around and heading back to Baja into our fond memory zone. By far, this leg experienced the most sea life and the most aggressive sailing days and the crew did great.

Sue, Pat, Lew, Agnes & I as we get ready to step off the boat and officially ending the Baja 2011 season… Booo Hooo… More next year.. Ya Hoo…



Greeting party at El Capitan and a photo with my honey… In love

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Very nice to be home again with Frankie, Neely and our Cholla friends.. We have 6 days to hang and relax in Cholla before heading for Phoenix and then on to Missouri for the summer. 





Brian and Heather put their Hobie 18 in the water on a nice windy day. Brian and I got to relive our old race days double traipsing through the growler waves off Pelican Point and the blasters in the bay at high tide. I don’t remember it being so much work. One hour of sailing in that stuff and we’re done. Nice treat… Thanks.





Back to Baja 2011 memories… Here’s some video from the cruise.

Pilot Whales North of Santa Rosalia day 1 of Leg 8 2011 as we motor sail north
Hundreds of dolphins north of Bay of LA, Baja. Leg 8 2011


Jumping Dolphins on Leg 6 on the NW corner of Isla Monserrate near Loreto Baja



Here’s the cover of Elyse (left) & Mia’s (right) thank you cards they made for Frankie and I. They had a wonderful time.

While we sailed north on Leg 8 Frankie had a house full of people for the Peacemaker concert. Note Frankie and our friend Debbie in the background while Roger sings Mexico at Mr Fish Taco in Cholla. They had a wonderful weekend.

Entertainment and Mr. Fish Taco in Cholla Friday night before the concert‘

I’m finishing this update Sunday night after enjoying our house and friends here in Cholla Bay for the past 5 days. I think I’ve got my land legs back and ready to drive back to Phoenix tomorrow. Gato Loco is all buttoned up and will probably only see a few day sails trips until we all return late September.

Seriously the cruise is over… Until the next update..

BTW.. I will be sending one more update with links to all the 2011 cruise updates..

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