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Gonzaga & the Islands, Leg 8’s final days

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Sunday PM.. Refugio to Gonzaga.

Today was the biggest sailing day of the season with 30+ at our back most of the day.  My arms a little tired from hand steering with 4’ seas and lots of surfing which takes lots of attention on the wheel. Winds and seas lighten up enough to fly the spinnaker briefly before prevailing westerly wind in the Gonzaga bay area took over. We Assumed we would anchor in Willard Bay just north to avoid the south swell but as we approached the entrance the west wind chop looked a little uncomfortable. It’s always nicer to anchor off the beach in front of Alfonsina’s so we backtracked and entered the north anchorage of Gonzaga in front of the beautiful beach and homes. Just as we hoped the west wind is keeping the south swell out and anchoring just off the beach avoids any west wind chop.. Nice.. Time for dinner at Alfonsina’s. As we arrive to the beach (just a bit wet from the slight surf) the restaurant sets up a nice table for us on the patio. Drinks and dinner arrive shortly. We all agree it’s a perfect end to an exhilarating day of sailing. BTW.. The Goto Loco pic above was taken Monday morning with calm conditions. The west winds blew most of the night.

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Two locals catching small rock bass in the surf while we have dinner.. One of the local fishing boats pulled up on the beach from Willard Bay behind Alfonsina’s.

Monday.. Pat and I walk the beach in search of internet to send out an update. Alfonsina’s now has internet but it is turned off this morning and no one seems to know how to fire it up. Walking the beach we note there are several whale sharks working the waters just off the beach. After some kind folks allowed us to send our update we hurried back to the boat to spend some time with the whale sharks.

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There’s 6 of them in the bay and we pay a visit to each one as we motor slowing out of the bay. The biggest is probably 25’ and there’s a small young one.

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Today we’re heading north to Isla San Louis so I can show the crew the island attractions.  Another call to Villa in Cholla to check the weather. South winds are still blowing there. We have light north winds which we expect to turn southerly based on Villa’s report.

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Check out the sea turtle we see just as we arrive at San Louis. The boobie right was determined to land on the boat.  We find San Louis’s volcanic pool fully flooded by the full moon high tide making it less interesting. Later in the day there will be a waterfall from the pool as it drains from the flood. We will miss it this trip as we’re heading on out to Islote Pomo where the sea caves are. 

Pomo is the island with lots of soft pumas stone which has eroded away to form the caves.





Gato Loco anchored at Pomo in the small north cove surrounded by high cliffs. Pat, Sue & I are off to visit the caves..

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Our dinghy engine isn’t running very well so there’s a bit of extra stress as we motor in the big cave on the SE side of the island. This cave has high ceiling so it’s not too spooky.. Now on the the tighter cave the to see it they get nervous.

IMG_2882 [18]




The tide is now low enough to enter. We shut the dinghy engine down and paddle our way in. 200’ in and it’s now too narrow for the dinghy. We would need less water to continue. No worries entering the cave for Pat & Sue unlike our friend Brian.







By the time we return from cave exploring, wind and seas have gone flat. I’ve always wanted to overnight here and it sounds much better than the 4 hour motor north to Puertecitos. We’re here for the night. It will be a good anchorage to launch our crossing to Penasco tomorrow.


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With the sheer wall to our west, we’re in the shade by 4 PM and able to enjoy dinner early since it will be an early to bed and a early 4AM departure tomorrow.

The evening starts quiet but by mid-night we begin to get a north wind and swell into the anchorage. This anchorage is great for south & west winds but open to the north.

Tuesday 3:50 AM Home to Puerto Penasco… I’m awake early not having a very restful night with the boat rolling in the north swell. Lew is already up as I slip on deck. Pat pops out 2 minutes later. No one is sleeping well so let’s head for Penasco. Pat reports we’re underway at 4:01..


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The moon is just setting over Baja as we clear Pomo and there’s a very faint glow in the east sky. We have 90 miles in front of us and we hope to arrive before dark in Penasco. Rocky Point here we come..

Until the next Update..

I sure miss Frankie and Neely… See you soon

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