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Cruise to Greek Islands begins.

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Boy it’s hot in Phoenix (115 today)!! Time to get out of here!! Frankie and I have been doing forced marches to get all our stuff loaded in in our RV “Pee Wee”. It’s going to be a two month cruise and what have we forgotten looms large on our minds. 3 weeks in Europe sightseeing and sailing is a packingIMG 5943 challenge to get everything in one medium size bag and it looks like the bags will close with a little wresting.

Frankie & Neely pose with Pee Wee as we ready to depart.

.IMG 5142 [2]







Armondo with his screening equipment.

We created a shirt design for the cruise and printed up our cruise attire while in Cholla during 4th of July. artwork-v1-all-colors Our friend Armondo has a great store and print shop in the Cholla mall and as usual did a great job of taking my rough design and making it a finish product. armandobm@prodigy.net.mx [2]
logo main upper [3]


Sailing GatoLoco during the 4th of July holiday we made a Greek connection. Our new Greek friend George owns the Greektown restaurant [3] in north Phoenix. While on the boat he gave us lots of travel suggestions and invited us to his restaurant where we had some awesome food, wine and music. His personal touch is IMG 5237 [3]unmatched and we left with a wealth of information including some great Greek musical artist to listen to as we make our way to Greece..

Here is a sample of some of George’s music.

Haroumeni by Pix-Lax [4]

Last minute calls to our cruise mates finds everybody getting excited and in the process of packing bags.



The “wind at our backs” poster was created with a special spirit to guide us to Greece and back. Click on the Gato Loco poster to download a Free Hi-Res Poster [5] (2.7mb). Print it and cruise with us everyday.

wind-at-back-v4(8x11) [6]


We’re off for Canyon de Chelly for some sunset photos and stay overnight in the local campground. Next we’re off to Darango to visit with Dave and Brenda Wilson, friends we’ve not seen for several years. We got some catching up to do.. I think we will stay in Colorado for a few days making our way to Colorado Srings and then make a beeline to Kansas City. Time will tell.

Until the next update

Lowell, Frankie and Neely

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Pee Wee’s new colors added for the 07 Cruise.

IMG 5952IMG 5944IMG 5948

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