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Road Warrior Equipment


IMG 5927Many people are curious what I use and how I send updates from Gato Loco and other remote locations.

Pictured right is my RW (RoadWorrior) equipment I will be using for this summer. The heart is a tiny Sony hand held computer with “4 monitor (model VGN-UX280p [1]). It’s a pretty small screen to work with so excuse problems I might miss. The little guy has Windows XP-Pro on it and is a full feature laptop although very small. The keyboard is a small text message thumb keyboard so I have a rubber flexible keyboard that I connect for my fat fingers. The keyboard can be rolled up!! I use a USB hub to connect the keyboard, mouse, photo card reader and cell phone. Photos are imported with the reader. I use ACDSee Photo manager to edit photos that need some extra work. The blog software I use as a basic photo editor for sizing/aligning.


I am using Open Source free software for the blog. I’ve been able to integrate it into the existing GatoLocosailing.com web site which was a priority.. This software best works in a Linux server environment so I migrated GatoLocoSailing to Linux from Windows. Doing the blogging we use 2 packages both free software.. Server side I use WordPress http://wordpress.org [2] WordPress is very configurable and I’ve been able to created the look I wanted.

On the PC side we use BlogDesk http://www.blogdesk.org/en/index.htm [3] blogdeskThis software provides the creative environment replacing Macromedia. It has Page formatting & built in photo editor. Blogs are built off-line on the laptop and then the laptop must be connected to the internet somehow to send the blog. I’m sending primarily with a cell phone. Other options are wireless connections or hard connections at a i-cafe.

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