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Departing La Paz

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Strong south winds blew all day Sunday as we enjoyed the company of Victor’s family on the boat and doing some sightseeing on the north shore beaches of La Paz. It’s Monday and we’re motoring north with winds in our face at 15kts.. Things switched one day to soon on us..

What a nice visit with family in La Paz. Adrian, Piquita’s youngest son drove up from Cabo to spend the afternoon with us.

Picture to the Right is Adrian, Victor, Edgar with Elyse & Mia.

After having afternoon snacks on board we headed for Playa Tecolote where lots of locals head to cool down on Sunday. For Sunset we headed for Playa Blandra.


 IMG_2014 [3]IMG_2028 [4]

Above and below photos from Playa Tecolote

 IMG_2030 [5]IMG_2031 [6]

 IMG_2041 [7] IMG_2048 [8]

Group hike to catch the sunset from Balandra. Leslie with her girls..

 IMG_2058 [9] IMG_2059 [10]

IMG_2072 [11] 

Monday morning walking the waterfront to breakfast.

We headed north from Marina Palmira 11ish heading for Ensenada Grande on the north end of Isla Partida 25 miles north, an easy day to start the journey to Loreto.

Running out of internet so sending this in a hurry.


Until the next update…

All is well on Gato Loco

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