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It’s a Marvelous Night for a Moon Dance

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And away we go!!!!  Leg 4 crew about to leave Santa Rosalia for points South.  Lunch in a new little restaurant we found that had excellent pork tacos!!  Tables were full so we were about to seek out a different location, but the owners convinced some very nice people to relinquish their table.  We hated doing it but after we found out how great the tacos were, we didn’t feel guilty anymore!

That evening we headed back to town for more libations and pizza!  Fantastic! Who would have thought you could find such a great place for Pizza in Santa Rosalia.  (We may have sampled the margaritas and a few Dos XX’s, also)

DSC_1112 [3] The afternoons have been fun filled with many games of Hearts while we wait for King Neptune to throw something onto our fishing lines.  Our games have come to an abrupt halt when we hear the lines singing!  Dave Redden had two very noisy hits within 15 minutes of each other.  Both were sharks, but sharks none the less!  The guys were able to save the lures and cut the sharks loose.

DSC_0052 [4] DSC_0060 [5] DSC_0074 [6]

Bruce was feeling left out of the fun of fishing so Dave agreed to let him take the rod at the next strike on Monday.  There we were hitting the cards again while the lines are in the water when ….. the lines started singing again!!  Engines down, Bruce grabbed the pole out of the holder and started fighting!  I thought he and the rod would be in the drink before it was over! Bruce was huffing and puffing, Carol and I grabbed our cameras and started shooting, the fish was diving deep!!  When all was said and done, Bruce was playing with a 35-40 pound yellow tail!!  We hear tell it is the biggest fish dragged on board (Victor, this is a challenge!)  I hated the clubbing and cleaning part, but that old girl sure tasted great as steaks last night and ceviche this afternoon!  One more large section left.

  DSC_0141 [7]DSC_0148 [8]

We are headed South towards Loreto tomorrow, need more ice.  Think San Juanico is on the venue for hotdogs on the beach tonight, maybe Agua Verde tomorrow.  Don’t know what DVD’s are on board, saw Inglorious bastards last night, I didn’t know it wasn’t a comedy, I’ll never think of Brad Pitt the same again!  Something with Will Ferrell is on tonight, I’m sure I’ll enjoy it more. 

The shots below are some fun we had on board before dinner last night.  The first is what Dave looks like when the first shark got a hold of him.  His nick name is Stumpy now.  The second photo is Dave and Wilson helping open some wine.  Not sure what the third one is with Bill, he was either trying to breath life into an empty wine bottle or commit suicide, not sure.

  DSC_0150 [9]DSC_0157 [10] DSC_0161 [11]


DSC_0165 [12] DSC_0174 [13] DSC_0175 [14]



DSC_0176 [15]

This was Monday evenings anchorage in San Sebastian.  Beautiful place, light gentle breezes, fish were jumping, sea lions barked long into the night.

Found out about all the “feet” shots!  I’ll share when I get safely on shore in Penasco.  Let it be known, this information can be purchased!  I’ll sign off now, but just to set the record straight, life on the Sea of Cortez is THEE LIFE!!

Love to my family on dry land, miss you, love you more than you can ever imagine.  See you soon!  xxoo Mom (Cynthia) (Nana)

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