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Isla Monsarrate and the Sealife

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Friday… After saying goodbye to our Seawind friends we decided to stop at Roca Solitaria and do a little snorkeling. One problem.. the bottom falls away very fast so there’s no place anchor.. Problem solved, Bill and I took turns onboard drifting Gato Loco while we check out the huge boulders surrounding what you see from above.

Wind is forecasted to be light so a short 10 mile motor sail north to the north shore of Isla Monsarrate is our destination today.



IMG_1550 [3]

Sailing north from Agua Verde with crystal clear waters our friends stopped by for a visit. Mid-day light gives these huge dolphins perfect lighting.

IMG_1552 [4]









The north west corner of Monsarrate has some great reefs that are full of fish. We anchor near by in 16’ of water with white sand bottom and head for the reef with snorkel gear.

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Yellow tailed blue tangs were everywhere. Bill and Carol even spotted lobster hanging under the ledges. Later in the evening a large power boat anchored near by and went diving we guessed for those lobster that they saw earlier. Bill caught a nice red snapper from the dinghy in a mater of minutes on the reef.

DSCF0566 [15]DSCF0567 [16] 

The north shore has a mile long white sand & shell beach.

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Watching the sunset.. Carol had to put her feet down so they didn’t look as big as Bill and mine. Cool evening with winds out of the south giving us great protection and good sleeping.

Saturday.. My last day on Gato Loco for 3 weeks when I return with Frankie and the Rangel family to La Paz to sail north.

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Leaving our anchorage we spotted another large pod of dolphin rounding the reefs and they gave us another good show as you can tell from this young one jumping 10’ out of the water. Not long after Bill caught a 10lb skipjack. Lots of entertainment to distract me from the fact that after 2 1/2 will depart Gato Loco today.

[23]IMG_1619 [24]

Bill and Carol will head to shore for provisions as they drop me off in Loreto. Their heading north to Santa Rosalia over the next week. I think they will enjoy a week with just the two of them on board. Hopefully they’ll find some time to send out some photos Smile of their journey.

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I’m staying at the La Damiana Inn tonight and Debra IMG_1622 [28]and Geraldo invite me to join them for dinner. The Inn is just next to the main plaza and all the restaurants. I fly tomorrow (Sunday) to Hermosillo and then take a bus to Puerto Penasco.






Happy Mother’s day to all..

Until the next Update

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