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Seawind Party in Agua Verde

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DSC_0016 [2]Thursday… Cinco de Mayo … Sunny skies is always beautiful in the North Isla Coronados anchorage with the white sand bottom producing glowing turquoise water. Only 8 boats remain as we finally stir from the party last night. We did catch weather and we should have a light northerly wind at our backs as we head south 43 miles to Agua Verde for our last night with our Seawind friends. We have internet and MagicJack phone in the anchorage and I talked with Frankie DSC_0047 [3]last night and we did a Yahoo voice call this morning to Frankie, Brian & Heather who are in Phoenix for a Peacemaker Cinco de Mayo concert tonight. All is well in Phoenix. Everybody is doing a great job entertaining Frankie while I’m gone.

You can see from the above picture how we started our Cinco de Mayo.. Yum.. Bloodies.

We need ice and maybe a little beer so we are making a stop in Loreto as we pass by heading south. The party last night hit our ice supply pretty hard.

Pulling anchor, winds areDSC_0031a [4] from NE giving us a chance to motor sail to the Loreto breakwater marina where we anchor just outside the entrance while Bill & Carol make a run for supplies. While anchored, One of Steve’s friends we meet at Orlando Cafe came by canoe to say hello and toured Gato Loco.

Looks like the wind is not going to materialize today as we motor sail towards Agua Verde.

MoonDrifter motors south between us and Baja with the rock formation called Isla Las Tijeras near by.


IMG_1468 [5]

We arrive in Agua Verde with 3 of our Seawind friends already anchored and all having their swim ladders down, a good sign the water is swimmable.

IMG_1483 [6]







IMG_1489 [7]Steve & Pam from Barramundi went into the Agua Verde village to pass out coloring books and buy some fire wood. Larry on Island time took his paddle board to shore to set up our weenie camp for evening festivities. Winds have completely dropped as you can tell from the photos below.

IMG_1490 [8]


Quiet anchorage with Roca Solitaria just outside the anchorage.



Flip-flop hill climbing is not recommended but I made it up high enough to get some anchorage shots.

IMG_1509a [9]




Nice cool evening with our friends. One kayaker camped next to our weenie camp who has come down from Mulege.. He’s from Spain.

IMG_1502 [10]Ralph presented the old coot on Gato Loco (that be Bill) with a extending weenie roaster since we didn’t have any coat hangers on board. BTW.. Ralph will turn 80 in a few months and has definitely set the bar high for sailing quality of life. Go Ralph.


IMG_1511a [11]


Young Devin from Cat Can Do continues to provide the entertainment. The hot dog traditions continues and a nice cinco de mayo..

IMG_1507 [12]

Friday.. Time to say our goodbyes.

IMG_1533 [13]Seawind crews. left to right.. Gato Loco (Lowell, Bill & Carol).. Island Time (Larry & Nancy).. MoonDrifter (Ralph, & Helen).. Barramundi (Steve & Pam).. Stray Cat (Guy & Carol).. Cat Can Do #1 (Bruce, Tina & Devin)

IMG_1529 [14]


IMG_1537 [15]

Ralph & Helen invited us all over for French toast and a final chance to get together before we all head our own direction.

Seawind Rally #4 comes to successful close as we sail north to Isla Monserrate planning on anchoring on the north shore..


Until the next Update..

BTW.. Cat Can Do’s pup Oso stands guard as we check out some of the repairs necessary to get the boat back to sea worthy condition after being piled by hurricane John back in 2003. Both stern rudder lockers were tore open and completely flooded and both bows were torn open.. Bruce being a surf/kite board repair specialist used his fiberglass magic to recover her. She’s hull #25.

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