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Mulege, San Juanico, and on to Loreto (Update #7)

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Mulege River Channel… 7:45 AM and the last panga that motored by finally woke us up. We were up just before sunrise when winds cracked up a bit and the anchor bridle needed a little adjustment to quiet it down. I guess we both fell asleep hard, over sleeping for the morning ham weather report. Before departing I jumped in and did a little swimming and checked on thru hull instruments to make sure they were not fouled. All looks good and burr, its refreshing.

Mulege Garth stopped by on his way out fishing to say hello and suggested we should us his Med-style wall tie the next time we’re here. The tide is down  little from when we came in and we will be heading over the shoal as we head out of the river channel.

IMG_0992 [3] IMG_0993 [4]

Still had 5’ under us as we departed. Local winds out of the Mulege channel soon died and we motor sail south around Punta Conception.

Wind slowly building from the NE during the morning.  Early afternoon there’s enough to carry the spinnaker. Steve was busy studying so why not do a single handed spinnaker set. Screacher down, spinnaker up, spinnaker sheets set, up goes the spinnaker sock and wal-la we’re underway with the spinnaker at 6 kts… Nice and Steve is still studying. Awesome afternoon with wind at out back and spinnaker flying  with little attention. 3 miles out from San Juanico winds are building. We’re at 18kt now and time to sock the spnnaker as the wind is building. Main alone and we’re smokin on a reach into our San Juanico anchorage. 4 anchored boats watch us drop the main and anchor with wind gusts to 25.. The plan was to go ashore to the cruising shrine tree to make our offering for leg 1. That will have to wait.

IMG_0998 [5] IMG_0999 [6]

Our Leg 1 offering. Steve places her amongst the collection from other cruisers.

IMG_1005 [7] IMG_1006 [8] IMG_1007 [9] IMG_1009 [10]

That poor tree carries a heavy burden >>>

IMG_1010 [11]






As you can tell that big wind only lasted a couple of hours allowing us visit neighbor boats including a friend of Steve’s who’s on the way to San Felipe with his wife in their 30’ MainShip power cruiser. They plan on towing it to the Seattle are for the summer. A nice get away from their permanent Loreto home.

Late evening light looking east out  to the Sea as we arrive back at Goto Loco gives a cool marine layer color.

Friday.. Heading for Loreto Fest.

Up early enough to catch the ham weather today. We’d heard rumor of north winds on the Mulege net yesterday. Looks like Sat,Sun & Mon will have strong north winds. We’re arriving in Puerto Escondido just in time.

Bill and Carol arrive today, in fact as we motor sail IMG_1015 [12]south we’re watching the sky for their plane to fly over. With the weather coming, we’re hoping to phone them and have them meet us at the Loreto breakwater marina so we can get our provision for next week. It will be easier today than the 3 days of bumpy weather coming at us.

IMG_1027 [13]







< Carol and Bill join us..

New crew arrives safe and sound with provision… Is that only cerveza.?? We’re got our provisions and crew and are off to Puerto Escondido and Loreto Fest..

Until the next Update.

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