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Low Drama Days… Santa Rosalia to Mulege (Update #6)

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IMG_0904 [2] IMG_0907 [3] IMG_0910 [4]
Our first steps on a dock since leaving Puerto Penasco 6 days ago. We’re swaying…  IMG_0914 [5]

Our 2nd day drama free (now don’t get bored on us now) went as expected. Our 5AM alarm allowed us to make Santa Rosalia by 6PM even losing an hour from sailing into Baja Sur (south) which is on Mountain Standard time. Checking in at the marina, getting Gato Loco ship shape, a few emails, A BEER (of course), marina showers and we’re off for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants near the main plaza. Weather is perfect and probably a little warm during the day. Mexican music is coming from the plaza with a band set up in the small stage. All makes a perfect setting to dine on the patio and celebrate completing the northern Sea of Cortez segment of Leg 1.

Here’s another great Mexico story.. Arriving back at the boat after dinner at El Muelle, Steve found his zip-loc with about 300 pesos missing from his pocket. This morning we went back to the restaurant we ate at last night. Walking in the waiter recognized Steve and waved him over to the register. He opened it and gave Steve his zip-loc with all the money in it. He had dropped it as we left. Only in Mexico.

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Panaderia El Boleo is famous on Baja. If your passing through Santa Rosalia you have to stop by this French bakery in Mexico. We picked up some fresh bread for lunch.

IMG_0919 [8] IMG_0922 [9]

The famous Eiffel Santa Rosalia Church (yes, same as the tower in Paris)… Wednesday morning relaxed pace in the village. Walking for provisions there’s lots of side walk cafes and carts serving up breakfast. 9AM and Santa Rosalia is just waking up.

IMG_0923 [10] IMG_0924 [11]

Main plaza  with an artwork display.

 IMG_0925 [12] IMG_0927 [13]

Typical architecture in Baja, lots of shade. Our friendly dock side fuel attendant

IMG_0932 [14] IMG_0933 [15]

A view of Gato Loco’s galley and the lunch that was created mid day.

IMG_0938 [16]

As we pass Punta Chivato winds are 20 out of the  north and we get our first afternoon motor-free. What a great way to approach Mulege. Lazy relaxing (no drama) afternoon. Entering the Mulege river channel can be a little tense as we have to pass over a 3’ sand shoal which makes you pucker a little. We’re at slack tide (only swinging about a 1’) so anchoring in the river channel will be very quiet.

IMG_0946 [17] IMG_0941 [18]

The sign says it all as we enter our little tropical beach bar not more than 200 yards from our anchorage. The entire restaurant was rearranged by the major flood created by hurricane 2 years ago. It didn’t change the food or drinks.

IMG_0944 [19]  IMG_0949 [20]

Steve gets some local news. These margs famous.

IMG_0957 [21] IMG_0958 [22]

Cheers from the Gato Loco crew… Meet the restaurant’s dog.. Friendly little guy.

IMG_0972 [23] IMG_0977 [24]

IMG_0980 [25]


A sunset cruise in the dinghy.. She’s holding air and working great.  Gato Loco facing east with a light breeze coming in off the Sea.. Panga’s moored on the south shore of the channel…

Great fun playing in the flat waters.

We’ll have lots of fishing panga’s motoring at sunrise. We hope to sleep in a bit tomorrow. Off to San Juanico tomorrow and then on to Loreto Fest in Puerto Escondido on Friday. Bill and Carol will join us Friday night. Gonna be Big Fun..

Until the next Update.

(sorry no drama)

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