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Readying Gato Loco for Baja

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Engines pulled, serviced and running great, ready for the Baja Cruise

IMG_2862 [5]Our plans are firming up for our 2 month sailing season. Loreto Fest [6] is April 29 – May  1 giving us an anchor for our planning. This season’s legs will reach from Puerto Penasco [7], our home port in the northern sea to, La Paz [8] near the Cap of Baja. Our crew list is still unsettled as many initial crews had to drop out for various reasons. This is creating opportunities for our blog friends who’ve always thought there might not be room for them. Keep in mind to crew you must be willing to travel in Mexico which might involve driving, taking a bus, a small airline or air travel through LAX. An example, I’m sailing south from Penasco on leg 1 and will step off Gato Loco in Loreto after Leg 2. I will fly Loreto to Hermosillo (www.aereocalafia.com.mx [9]) then jump in a taxi to the bus station and take a bus from Hermosillo to Penasco (Rocky Point). If this type of adventure appeals to you drop us an email at lowellmcculley@prodigy.net.mx [10] IMG_2877a [11]

Our first leg will take us through Puerto Lobos where the photos were taken to the right. A huge shallow south facing bay is the home of a small fishing village and a good anchorage 70 miles south of Penasco on the Sanoran coast.

A special note… on Leg 2, the Seawind Rally, we have a double berth open if any Seawind sailors would like to join us for the Rally.

Gato Loco’s sailing plans. .

IMG_3011 [12]

Leg 1 – April 21 (thur) – Apr 30 (sat) – Penasco to Puerto Escondido – LoretoFest Apr 29, 30, May 1 ( Lowell, Steve,  2 single or 1 double berth open)

Leg 2 May 1 (sun) – May 7 (sat) – Seawind Rally [13], Loreto area ( Lowell, Bill, Carol, double berth open)

Leg 3 May 8 (sun) – May 14 (sat) – Loreto to Santa Rosalia (Bill, Carol, 1 single & 1 double berth open)

Leg 4 May 15 (sun) – May 21 (sat) – Santa Rosalia to Loreto (Bill, Carol, Dave, Bruce & Cynthia)

Leg 5 May 22 (sun) – May 28 (sat) – Loreto to La Paz (Rick, Dave, Ellen & Shelly )

Leg 6 May 29 (sun) – June 4 (sat) – La Paz to Loreto (Lowell, Frankie, Murril & Al & the Rangel family)

Leg 7 June 5 (sun) – June 8th (wed) – Loreto to Santa Rosalia (Lowell, Dave & Kelly Adams, Randy)

Leg 8 Jun 9 (thur) – Jun 14(tue)  – Santa Rosalia to Penasco  (Lowell,  Pat & Sue, Lew)

Less than 1 month and we will be on our way. More news in the coming weeks.

Until the next Update

BTW – See the link later in this update to download Craig’s song you’re listening to.

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Charts from Baja Sea Guide (Leland Lewis) Click on them to enlarge

BayofLA_thumb1 [16]santarosalia_thumb1 [17]conception_thumb1 [18]loreto_thumb1 [19]

augaverde_thumb1 [20]scan0001_thumb6 [21]scan0002_thumb2 [22]

Riding the Waves to Loreto (By Craig Reay)    right click here to download Craig’s song [23]

We’re riding the waves to Loreto
Wind blowing what’s left of our hair 
We’re sailing with good companeros 
I hope we’ll be seeing ya there.

We’ll soon be in Puerto Escondido folder [24]
With sailors from far and from near,
We’ll swap tales and curse the mosquitos
We’ll laugh and we’ll drown in our beer.

Hope the wind will be fair in Loreto,
We’ll bask in the dawn’s early light,
Then just like sombrero’d bandidos,
We’ll be off like thieves in the night.

We’re riding the waves to Loreto
We’re brash and we’re “devil may care”
We may move a bit des-pac-ito.
(But) we do it with bravado and flair.

We’ll soon be in Puerto Escondido
Providing the weather is clear,
With ole salts and weathered amigos
We’ll toast to another good year.

Hope the wind will be fair in Loreto,
We’ll bask in the dawn’s early light,
Then we’ll leave you with fond despedidos
And set sail like a seagull in flight…

Just like those fabled bandidos…
We’ll be off like thieves in the night.


Flight options on Aerocalafia

Leg2 Aerocalafia May 8th 10:05 AM Loreto to Hermosillo $1160 peso

Leg 6  Aerocalafia May 28th 7AM Hermosillo to La Paz  $1739 peso

Leg6 Aerocalafia June 5th 10:05 AM Loreto to Hermosillo $1160 peso

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