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Puertecitos & the Crossing home to Puerto Penasco, May 18th (Fri)

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Cruisin North to Penasco

Puertecitos & the Crossing home to Puerto Penasco, May 18th (Fri)

IMG 5092
Puertecitos at sunrise as Gato Loco heads for Puerto Penasco on Friday

IMG 5078(3:30 Thur) SwellsIMG 5452 are rolling into the southern facing bay as we arrive in Puertecitos. A large tide swing is expected tonight so we can’t go beyond the launch ramp that sets out on the southern most tip of the eastern shore of the bay. Anchoring in 15′ of water near high tide, we checked the tide chart and hope that there is enough water to leave us the 3′ we need to stay afloat at low tide later tonight. The sail from Isleta Pomo was perfect. Winds out of the SE at 17 off our starboard beam. Motors off and cruising at 7-8 kts. Brian used the time to work on his filleting technique on our grouper.

IMG 5083Puertecitos appears to be very quiet with only a few homes obviouslyIMG 5079 open. Interestingly there’s a federal police boat setting right in the middle of the bay and they give us a good look over as we set our anchor. It’s time for “chores” a shore. We can use a little fuel and make a visit to the small store for a few supplies and hopefully give these swells some time to lay down. For the first time the Puertecitos resort restaurantIMG 5088 is open. We have grouper and steaks tonight so we can’t sample the food but the manager tells us he makes a very good margarita. Four please.. Four more please.. They are actually the best we had on the cruise and cap off a good day of playing in the islands.

(6:30) Swells are laying down a bit and the tide has turned and heading out enough to expose the local hot springs. The Puertecitos hot springs attract locals and world travelers. Soaking in the hot pool, we met two ladies from Perth Australia touring the states along with their friend from San Diego who brought them to Puertecitos for a Baja excursion.

(8:00 PM) We measured the water depth 5 times in the past hour hoping to see an indication that we were at slack low tide. There’s only have 4′ under us and if the tide continues dropping we will have to move our anchor. Everyone is very relaxed from the hot springs and IMG 5455 the last thing we want to do is reset the anchor. Good News…Finishing dinner, we finally decided that we would have enough water and we can relax and enjoy our last overnight anchorage of the cruise

(10:00 SUNDAY!) Ugh.. Great Roger Clyne & the Peacemaker’s concert last night in Penasco, and we stayed up too late and maybe had a little too much to drink. It’s time to finish our Baja07 cruise updates and let everyone know we’re home safe and sound.. It’s amazing how arriving home becomes so hectic! The cruising easy pace.. Gone! Here it is Sunday and just finding time to post our homecoming.

(Back to last Friday) We made the reef in front of Puertecitos at 6 AM motoring at 6kts with light breeze from the N. At this pace it will be close to a 8 PM Penasco arrival. We’re hoping for the same SE winds we had yesterday. 10ish, winds clocked to the SE strong enough to set dual IMG 5465head sails with the main pushing us at a 7.5Kt pace. Much better.. 5 PM arrival.

This is Brian and Heather’s fifth day on board and they seemed to have made the transition to the cruising pace and are feeling very comfortable on board. It’s been great fun sharing a little bit of Baja with them. I’m sure we will do it again.

IMG 5471

(5:00 Fri) Another uneventful crossing with 10kt breezes and 2′ swell out of the SW. Winds seem to always shift to the SW as you approach Penasco and today’s crossing followed that pattern exactly. We made our ceremonialIMG 5472 radio call to Villa in Cholla Bay to tell him we’re back and smile when he says “Welcome Home”.
Back to reality!

Frankie, my lovely wife, joined us at the marina and before we can blink, it’s SUNDAY..

We hope everyone enjoyed the cruise.

Until the next one…. Lowell, Heather, Brian & Bill on the Penasco dock

The Gato Loco Crew.

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