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3rd annual Baja Seawind Rally

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The 2010 Seawind Rally Fleet in Caleta San Juanico

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Seawind Baja Rally 2011

Seawind fellow sailors Ralph & Helen sent us an email today wondering when news of the 3rd annual Baja Rally would arrive in their email. Yes, it’s time to make some plans. Loreto Fest is April 29, 30, May 1 and as usual it’s a great place for boats who want to join us to enjoy the festival and finalize plans for the Rally. After our journey north to San Rosilia last year we’ve all decided to sail the Loreto area this year making it easy for boats to join us late or leave early. The Rally dates will be from Monday May 2nd through Sat May 7th and will conclude in Puerto Escondido for Gato Loco so we can fuel and provision for a sail north the following week.

This year we will let the wind decide on our sailing destinations and we try to keep the daily legs short to maximize our time at anchorage and with fellow sailors.  Kurt will be providing his hot dogs for a beach BBQ and we will have many sunset cocktails together.  Let us know if you are planning on join us by leaving a comment to this post or send email to me at lowell-mcculley@cox.net [4] with your comments and suggestions. The number of boats joining us will help decide what anchorages we should consider.

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Come join us for a fun week.

Ralliers at Berth’s in Conception Bay.


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Gato Loco crew partakes in the Australian national cookie… Umm Tim Tams.  Richard, Kerry ???


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Beach fun with the fleet anchored in the background.


GatoLocoSailing 2011

Here Gato Loco’s tentative plans for our 2011 sailing season in case any boats would like to join us on any of our legs..

Leg 1 – April ?? (24 Easter Sun) – Apr 30 (sat) – Penasco to Puerto Escondido – Loreto  Fest Apr 29, 30, May 1 ( Lowell, Craig, John (last years crew maybe??)…and ?…)

Leg 2 May 1 (sun) – May 7 (sat) – Seawind Rally [8], Loreto area ( Lowell, Frankie, Bill, Carol…and ?)

Leg 3 May 8 (sun) – May 14 (sat) – Loreto to Santa Rosalia (Bill, Carol..and ? )

Leg 4 May 15 (sun) – May 21 (sat) – Santa Rosalia to Loreto (Bill, Dave, Ellen. and ?..)

Leg 5 May 22 (sun) – May 28 (sat) – Loreto to La Paz (Dave, Rick.and ?…)

Leg 6 May 29 (sun) – June 4 (sat) – La Paz to Loreto (Lowell, Frankie, Murril & Al & the Rangel family)

Leg 7 June 5 (sun) – June 14th  – Loreto to Penasco  (Lowell, Victor. and ?…)

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