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Willard Bay & Isla San Louis, May 17th (Thur)

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Cruisin North to Penasco

IMG 5396
Homes on South Beach at Willard Bay

IMG 5383

Willard Bay & Isla San Louis, May 17th (Thur)

(3:00, Wed) Playing cards, we slowly watched the sports fishing mother ship (Tony Reyes) catch us from behind as we motor sailed toward Willard Bay. Entering Gonzaga Bay, just south of Willard, we watched as the Tony Reyes fetched the 10 pongas she was towing and launched fishing crews, one Pongero and 2 or 3 sports fishing clientIMG 5393s in each. Before long they’re all setting on a reef to our starboard.

(5:30 Will those yik-yaks ever get that anchor set!) For some reason our normal anchorage inside Willard will not hold an anchor. We pull big clumps of weed every time we reset. Wind has clocked from the west at 15kt over our anchorage and a good set would let everybody sleep better tonight. After 7 trys and envying smooth water in front of the homes on the beach south of the bay we decided to motor around Punta Willard retreating to the sand bottom in front of Alfonsina’s with the sun setting and the Suns/Spurs game 5 about to start. The plan was to have dinner then listen to the game but the dam anchor has changed our plans. Alfonsina’s is the local hang out with an 8 room motel and a airplane runway behind so there is always a greeting committee when we arrive. IMG 5392Tonight, two pilots from San Francisco, who just flew in for a few days in their Piper Cherokee greet us.

Alfonsina’s had a fish/shrimp buffet giving us dinner in short order so we could get back to the boat and the Sun’s game 2nd half. The Sun’s loss called quickly for “lights out” on the boat exposing a sky full of stars. Sometimes we forget about the show above. We probably should have been watching the stars instead of listening to the Suns..

(6:00 Thur) Another smooth cool night. Just after sunrise and there are people walking the beach already. During dinner last night one of the home owners told us which house on the beach had wireless internet so we pulled anchor and eased our way south down the beach until we found the white house with red trim. Bingo.. Update and emails sent and we headed for Isla San Louis 7:30ish.

IMG 5402 Isla San Louis is a volcanic island with both smooth sand dunes and jagged lava peaks probably from a big explosion. Our first stop is a crater that fills and emptys with the tide creating inward and outward water falls. TheIMG 5038 new moon yesterday creates maximum tides and at the moment the tide is very low. We’ve not been here with these conditions and are not sure what we will see. We anchored near a fishing ponga and Brian waved indicating we were interested in some fish. 3 chocolate bars, a beer, a soda and we have a 15 lb grouper for our stores. It’s come to this, buying fish! Fish tacos for lunch.

What’s the chances, as we motor into the volcanic channel to the crater pool one of the pongas from the Tony Reyes also pulls in. Apparently they are not catching any fish so they’re sightseeing. Our motley crew in the channel below.. IMG 5057

Next stop, Isleta Pomo just to IMG 5420the NE of Louis and it’s spooky sea caves, At least Brian thinks so!! The island is all soft stone and pumice, making caves an easy task for mother natures waves. In the first cave Brian is lamenting how cool this is until we turn a corner and the entrance light fades along with Brian’s enthusiasm! In total darkness, we push off side walls near the endIMG 5415 of the cave to get the dinghy IMG 5438heading for the entrance with Brian leading the charge to get us back to daylight. If the cave were any deeper he would have jumped out of the dinghy and swam out… This is fun.. In to the 2nd cave, Brian prepares himself… We failed to tell him that this one didn’t go back far enough to get dark. This is fun!!

Enough Brian abuse, on to the north shore where north winds have creating a 100 x 100 meter bay with towering sandstoneIMG 5445 walls and gravel beach. Hundreds of pelicans exit as we head in for some beach combing in search of that perfect piece of pumice stone. Photo below, Gato Loco anchored on Pomo wester shore in 20′ next to a towering rock separated from Pomo creating a narrow channel.

(11:00) Goodbye Pomo, we’re off for Puertocitios 40 miles north. ETA 3PM…

The Gato Loco CrewIMG 5448

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