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Baja 2010 Leg 7, Where are they????

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Lowell here… For those that are wondering where the Gato Loco Leg 7 Crew might be..? Just to set everybody’s mind at ease.. Their planned route north has no easy internet access. They will need to layover in Bahia San Francisquito, Bahia De Los Angeles or Willard Bay.  There is no cellular internet available and they will need to rely on open wireless in a few beach homes or the internet cafe in Bay of LA. The last time I spoke with Bill, he did not plan on going into Bay of LA so we might not hear from them until late in the week or as they arrive in Penasco. They should be having fun with the blog as they head north for us to read when they can send something. If anyone is blessed to have  contact with them please post a comment with their status.. We’ve sailed this area many times and Bill knows it very well… All is well I’m sure…

SSSOOOooo this is a filler update. Time for the song and dance.. Craig on Leg 1 wrote this verse.

“Riding the waves to Loreto”

We’re riding the waves to Loreto.
The wind blowing what’s left of our hair.
We’re sailing with eyes mas abajo.
I hope we’ll be seeing you there.
We’ll soon be in Puerto Escondido,
With sailors from far and from near,
We’ll swap tales and swat at Mosquitos,
then we’ll laugh and we’ll drown in our beer.
Hope the wind will be fair in Loreto,
We’ll bask in the dawn’s early light.
Then just like sombrero’d bandidos,
We’ll be off like thieves in the night.


We’ll let the Pilot Whales do the dance.

Frankie’s video of Pilot Whales on Leg 1 near Santa Rosalia

Crew member Carl has been at it again. Read his mail.

Hey Lowell,
I’ve been following your posts on the highly prized culinary delicacy, Bonito, and thought you should see what we caught about 50 yards off your house in Cholla Bay.
Chris Pfitzer is the proud marksman (shooting into the blind murk- about 12 feet in 8 feet of visibility) of a 27.5 pound ROOSTERFISH!  I understand these fish are great sport for line fishermen, but spear and release is not really within our group ethic.  So, we ended the long dive with a meal of this beast, along with many limes (not enough), tequila, and cervezas.

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Here’s hoping Leg 7 is catching lots of fish or at least getting some great fish stories to improve our season fishing luck.

For Leg 7  (Bill, Clyde, Paul & Doug)

Until the next Update

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