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Bahia de Los Angles, May 16th (Wed)

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Cruisin North to Penasco

IMG 5352Bahia de Los Angles, May 16th (Wed)

(Tuesday) We checked our fuel tanks for the third time as we poked our way to Bahia de Los Angles (Bay of LA) nearly out of fuel. Yes, I know Gato Loco is a sailboat but when there’s no wind we don’t GO and we have a concert to make on the 19th in Penasco! Bill and I made a mis-judgment when we decided not to put fuel on in Kino Bay. Winds were blowing 18-20kt as Brian & Heather stepped on the boat. We reasoned that we would sail to Tiburon and would have enough fuel to motor from Tiburon to Bay of LA, if needed. The wild card was making the Tiburon anchorage before dark required using precious fuel. It was a restless night in Tiburon worrying about the fuel situation. Winds yesterday morning as we left Tiburon was a blessing but by 9 AM we were motoring. Strategy, run one motor at a time easing along at 4kts (for fuel economy) making a relatively short leg (48miles) into a longer day. Beautiful day, cool, flat seas, a great grilled fish lunch and lots to cards. Entering Bay of LA, a final check on fuel and there’s enough to push us in at 4:30 using both motors. No worries mate…IMG 5354

(5:00) Gato Loco resting in front of Guillermo’s in photo above. Brian organized our “chores”, fuel, internet and margaritas. The fuel turned into a team effort with a Mexican sports fishing boat IMG 5350from Tijuana. They borrowed Guillermo’s small truck to run fuel for their boat and give us a ride to the Pemix station, 4 cans on 1st run and 3 cans on the 2nd run gives us a full load (no more worries). We shuttled their fuel out in our dinghy. All this done, it’s time for margs and dinner. My cabrilla with capers in tomato sauce is the best fish dinner this cruise! On the dinghy ride back to the boat the water phosphoresces was so bright I think the fish had sun glasses on… The prop wash glowed for 10′.

New sculptor at the Bay of LA highway entrance.IMG 5359a

(6:00 AM Wed) Sports fishing boats launching at the ramp near us signals it’s time to head for Willard Bay 72 miles up the Baja coast. Destination, Alfonsina’s for dinner. IMG 5363a

Another cool, quiet night at anchorage. Great sunrise light as we motor towards Channel de Ballenas separating Baja from I. Angel de la Gurada the 2nd largest island on Baja. This channel has big tidal currents and our early departure will have currents in our favor, probably 2+ kts.IMG 5365

Just 2 miles north and a huge wind line is blowing from shore. 25kts on our port beam and we’re hitting 11kts and we’re freezing, especially Heather! 5 miles of excitement and motors back on.. After passing a few headlands we spot more white caps ahead.. Immediate 24kts on the port beam again. Gusting to 30 and we start preparing for sail reduction. Jib rolled into 30%. Things are now stable but the boat needs our total attention. I harness up ready to reef the main next. Photo right, Bill drives with Brian tending the main sheet. Winds cranking and we’re hitting 13kts with the big rooster tail of water behind us. Oh, did I mention Heather is enjoying a hot shower while we get emergency equipment ready. Looks like wind will IMG 5373stop at the next headland.. 20, 15, 10, 8kts, motors on… These are more of those wind slots we experienced at Pt. Trinidad. 25 miles in 3 1/5 hours. A local fisherman said they might blow last night. I guess they arrived a little late (better today than last night). We are fetching Alfonsina’s faster than we could have ever expected.IMG 5388

(4:00) 8 miles south of Willard Bay. ETA 5:30… Winds at our back @ 12kts not quite enough speed from the spinnaker most of the afternoon so we motor sailed with the main and continued our hearts games. IMG 5375aHeather made some pineapple delite for our arrival happy hour. We can’t wait!!

We missed the Suns Spurs game on Monday night but have caught up on all the controversy and are ready to listen tonight. Go Suns!!

Alfonsina’s here we come…

The Gato Loco Crew

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