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Baja 2010… Neely’s 2nd Update

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IMG 3079

Wednesday April 28

¬†Great video yet to come…..

April 28th was the best day I’ve had on Gato Loco!!!! It started by the guys fueling at the fuel dock and my mom and I spotted two sea lions playing right in front of us so I just sat there and watched. Pawfect!!!!!!!


IMG 3068




IMG 3090


As we were coming out of Santa Rosalia marina (thats the town where my parents and I took the ferry the last two years to get home but thank goodness I don’t have to this time!!! Thanks Bruce and Cynthia! Well back to the story. Heading out of the marina my mom points up ahead and says I think I see a whale.

Everyone runs to get their cameras and head up to the front of the boat and by that time we were surrounded by pilot whales and gray fin whales blowing. As everyone was pointing, shouting over there and OMGIMG 3119 I got soooooo excited running back and forth across the tramp, going to the front and then running to the back of the boat with my tail wagging I got in such a state that I was even howling and moaning to the whales. I have never done that before!!!!!

IMG 3102My dad said about 20 pilot whales,15 gray fin whales and lots and lots of dolfins were all around us by then. It was a sea life frenzy, it was almost an overload for me, like being surrounded by CATS!!!! Cholla (my friends knows what I am talking about).


Being on Gato Loco with my parents and friends is a great experience but today was the best DOGGONE day ever!!!!!!

Woofalicious and Pawfect!!!!!!


IMG 3130a..IMG 3134

Woof Woof Can’t wait till you see the photos!!!!! I am sending this out to all my friends..

Paw fives!!!!!!!

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