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Puerto Refugio to Ensenada el Alacran

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IMG 8460Waking up in Puerto Refugio we found the Bo Bos are back. Frankie, Neely and I made a run for the closest beach so we can get underway. You can see Gato Loco and neighbor boat Psyche resting in calm waters as we take Neely to shore. During the morning ham net a boat in the next bay reported the Bo Bos as legendary this year and we fully agree. The next two hours the towels were flying as we headed south towards Bahia Los Angeles working to get our unwanted guest off the boat. The good thing is they don’t bite..

Weather is a bit warmer today after a totally quiet wind night. Nice to catch up on some sleep. The ham net forecast is for light breezes and the channel that pitched Gato Loco around like a cork last year looks like it’s ready for water ski competition.

Tidal currents soon become a factor as we head into the channel. The moon cycle is just beyond half and tidal currents are much less than full/new moon.IMG 8469 I’m guessing we faced a 2-3 kt current at times.

IMG 2942.

<right..Craig and John guide us though the tidal boils.


The shake down leg continues. Craig re-attaches the leg on his cabin table..>>

One whale surfaced in the channel.

We fetched Bay of LA after 2 PM. Lots of very expensive power boats anchored near Guillermo’s, fishing tournament??? We’ve decided to try to makeup our lost day by taking care of business and continuing south. We need fuel, as this is the third day of light winds (totally motored today), drinking water, ice and want to send out updates and make a few calls.

IMG 8473.


Guillermo’s has a new palapa over the patios and they have repaired the floating docks making the shore run much easier. Wow, it’s hot here. Walking to the tienda and I-cafe we can’t imagine July. Nothing like a cold margarita to make all things right with the world.

IMG 8472





IMG 8471

Local school children are in the I-cafe doing their homework online. Connecting the boat laptop to their network, we get our mail and send out updates from the past 2 days.



John and Craig thumbed a ride to the Pemix station with our gas cansIMG 8475. A mother and kids picked them up and took them to the station then waited and brought them back to the docks. She refused to take any money but her young son riding in the back of the truck with John and Craig said it’s his birthday today so he got a 50 peso present. Don’t you love a culture were a mom and her kids are willing to pick up 2 strange men hitch-hiking with gas cans.


Just as we’re ready to haul the anchor a F31 trimaran pulls in to anchor. Both Craig and John own F boats; Craig a F28 and John a F31 so they spent a little time visiting to get the skipper & boat details. Skipper Stacy had sailed from San Carlos solo where he keeps the boat. John had taken Stacy for a demo ride when he was selling trimarans in San Diego (small world).

4:30 and we’re off for points south. Wind is up a bit out of the NE and sprits are up as we raise sails to head east out of LA Bay. We hope to make it to a nice bay with good north wind protection before sunset.

IMG 2954

Welcome to Ensenada el Alacran (scorpion) 13 miles south of Bay of LA. There’s a beautiful white sand beach with a wilderness reteat lodge on shore. The lodge is nicely built of canvas cabins with a main lodge restaurant. Going a shore we found a care taker and his dog.

IMG 8494..IMG 2949

We arrived in time to do some sightseeing and watch another great sunset as we had dinner. Tomorrow we hope to make 1/2 the remaining distance to Santa Rosalia and make up the day we lost due to our weather delay.

Until the next update

Whale count seen as I write this is 9. No good picture yet.

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