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Second Annual Seawind Baja Rally

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Seawind Baja Rally 2010 IMG 8335

The sunset colors are starting to shine as the beach campfire glows hot enough for roasting our hot dogs. We’ve been sailing together for the past 4 days, anchoring in one beautiful location after another. Some of us are old friends and some new. It’s great how sailing together in the first Seawind Rally has formed great bonds. Tomorrow we sail to Loreto Fest ending the rally. Campfire talk babal is about how we need to do this again next year.

The Time Has Come !


We’re sailing north from Puerto Escondido to Santa Rosalia with a lay-over day in Bahia Conception and an excursion to Mulege. This is a good chance to sail together with friends and see the “middle sea” and her Baja destinations ending in historical Santa Rosalia. Remember, plans are weather permitting and we will only sail in safe conditions so keep your travel plans flexible.




Here’s the Rally Itinerary


Fri – Sun (Apr 30 – May 2) Loreto Fest, Seawind crews join during the festival. Gato Loco should arrive by Friday mid-day.

Sun, May 2 (20nm) – Depart Loreto Fest, stop over in Loreto for provisions and final arrivals, Anchor Isla Coronado.

Mon, May 3 (26nm) – Lunch stop over San Juanico, Anchor Pta Pulpito, Explore sea caves and dive for lobster.

Tues, May 4 (45nm) – Pulpito to Coyote Bay in Bahia Conception, Beach cookout and Bertha’s Cafe

Wed, May 5 (0nm)- layover day, Taxi to Mulege for sightseeing

Thurs, May 6 (38nm)- Lunch stop over Punta Chivato, Anchor Isla San Marcos pizza

Fri, May 7 (15nm)- Depart early to Santa Rosalia to have the afternoon for sightseeing. Rally farewell dinner at Fernando Pizza Restaurant.

Sat, May 8 – Rally over, Transportation back to Loreto or fly out from Santa Rosalia. The drive back to Loreto is an awesome snapshot of Baja desert and seascapes. You will enjoy it.

Kurt’s accounting of boats planning to join us…

Moondrifter (Ralph & Helen)
Gato Loco (Lowell & Frankie)
Razzle Dazzle (Carmy and Terry Wepsic, Gregg and Terry Wickstrand, Len Gregory, Michael and Elizibet Harth)
Selah Roy and Debbie (Roy is heading down mid March and will be based in La Paz at Marina Palmira
Mariah (Seawind 1000XL currently at Costa Baja) Gary and Diane
Tenacious Grace Send me info on your boats….
Stray Cat
(Fountaine – Pajot 36 with friends Rob and Char Fraser) Currently in La Paz at Palmira)
Tango (friends on a Perry 43 that came to last years Catalina Rally)

Leg 2 route.

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