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Cholla Amigos Celebrate Birthdays, Brian turns WHAT..?

Okay, I’m not sure he’s older than dirt but he did have a significant birthday this week. It involves a “6” and a “0”, but don’t tell anyone. Also our amiga, Ms. Wendt, had a birthday of no significance, as far as I’m concerned. Of course, she is none too happy about being a year away from the big 4-0. Feliz Cumpleanos to both!

Thanks to Heather for her hard work preparing some amazingly mouth watering food, as well as hosting the shindig. As usual, she outdid herself with the Jello shots, the slow-smoked ribs, yummy potato salad, and homemade ice cream just to name a few of her creations. And not to be forgotten, Lisa’s crab/artichoke dip and smoked salmon and Alisa’s crackamole, I mean guacamole. (Yes, it’s that good.) Here are some of the photos from our little celebration last Friday in Cholla…

IMG 8914

IMG 8884.


Our birthday hosts, Lisa, Brian and Heather entertain us all as we enjoy a perfect evening in Cholla. It certainly doesn’t get much better than being surrounded by good friends, new and old, looking out over the beautiful Sea of Cortez…








.IMG 8887

IMG 8891

IMG 8897

IMG 8898 Wow! Does someone have a fire extinguisher?

Lisa and Brian serenading each other with a little “Happy Birthday”…IMG 8903

IMG 8905A little fuzzy…how much tequila did you have?

IMG 0907

Hmmm…maybe the tequila AND Jello shots were what did it…

Bill had to go and ruin the picture…IMG 8913

IMG 8916Sweet Lily gave Captain Brian a beautiful, handmade keepsake to store his treasures in…

Rusty made Captain Brian a birthday card that looked like an old treasure map. He also drew him an amazing picture of a pirate ghost ship. Very cool. Otis made Captain Brian a great card, too, but he didn’t quite make it to see Brian open them… IMG 0914 IMG 0912

It was a great night of great food and great friends…hope you enjoy our photos…signing off from Cholla Bay…hasta luego, mis amigos…

IMG 0489

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