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Leg 7 Just when we thought it was all over……..NOT

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IMG 2912




Coming into Santa Rosalia…will anchor in the marina tonight. Yhay, showers with unlimited hot water.




IMG 2918




At our delicious rotiserie chicken lunch restaurant where we were served delightful margaritas (again)…we happened to bump into Frankie and Lowell’s friends M & M (Myron and Marilyn). Small world!



IMG 2920



And here’s the five of us … cozy as can be.






IMG 2942



Our tour guide Bill showed us all the sights thoughout Santa Rosalie including the museum, Santa Barbara church built by Eiffel, the hotel at the mine, and the bakery…mmmmmm.





IMG 2984




Stopped for ice cream and refreshing

bevies (squeezed orange juice on the spot).




IMG 2995



Digging for gold…






IMG 3004



Fernando was kind enough to take a shot of us dining at his Pizza Restaurant.






IMG 3007




Oh Boy…Mike’s Runway Pizza.








IMG 3010





Garlic Shrimp….yum!!




IMG 1412





A little light excersize before dessert.







IMG 3018




The Dooble Dooble had Dooble Dogs for dessert.






IMG 3023




Bill successfully got us out of the marina at 4 am this morning for the long sail across the Sea of Cortez….




IMG 3024



Our last sunrise at sea.






And now the serious tales begin…..IMG 3030




First we spotted a Marlin…





IMG 3042




Then we saw spectacular whale tails….they were also breaching, mating, and blowing….





IMG 3046




Left speechless…





IMG 3061

And still the tales continue….Mike snags a Dorado.



Beautiful…these are the best eating….on ice as we speak.








IMG 1416




Bill still on a break????????OMG!





IMG 1402




Keeping Score….as usual Mike C’s idea. Great wins by all!





Okay Lowell – this is truly the last blog from the Hollow Leg Crew. Lisa, we hope you enjoyed all of our meals haha.

Patient Liane.. finally figured out the blog stuff.. so the credit goes to her too!

See all our land lubber friends soon.


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