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Leg 6 Isla Coronado to V cove

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We left Isla Colorado after a delicious breakfast of Bill’s Famous Flapjacks. They were finger licking, stick to your ribs good. As we departed, we noticed spouts in the distance, and they seemed to be heading in the direction we were travelling. We hoped that our courses would intersect. Fortunately, they did and we were within 50 feet of a good sized fin whale. The rest of the trip was light winds, flat water and uneventful.

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V Cove is a very small anchorage with steep walls drawing you in to the anchorage. There is a sandy beach and sand dunes that are easy to hike up. We all need a little cardio after lazing around the boat, so up we went. When we reached the summit we were hot and ready to head back down and do some snorkeling. The water was warm near the beach, but as you explored along the rock overhangs it became chilly. Lot’s of beautiful fish were spotted and we exited the water feeling exhilarated!




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Dinner was a group effort with Heather doing all the prep, Bill grilling and Brian on cleanup. The result was a delicious chicken fajita dinner with rice and veggies. After the sunset we gathered in the salon and watched Quisera ser Millonario(Slum Dog Millionaire). Heather brought her collection of pirated movies from Guanajuato..6 movies for 10 bucks, now, that’s a value!! The evening seemed perfect when we retired, but Mother Nature decided to give us a wake up call at 1:30. The winds were howling and swirling in our anchorage due to the steep cliffs. The wave patterns were mixed and we swung wildly on the hook. Ya Hoo!! It finally eased up, but sleep was already disturbed and we slept fitfully.


IMG 0925

The trip from V Cove to Agua Verde leaving Isla Monserrate to port was quiet and relaxed. The wind was light and the seas bumpy for the first quarter but flattened out for the remainder of the sail. We spotted 3 good sized rays leaping out of the water and also witnessed a spectacular jump by a Sailfish or Marlin.






IMG 0922

Agua Verde was very warm as we entered. The temp must have risen 10 degrees. We chose the South anchorage and dropped the hook just off the sandy beach. The bay was alive with bait fish and pelicans diving. The grace of the pelicans in flight is a joy to behold. We jumped in the water to cool off and then headed to shore for a few supplys. Agua verde has a very small fishing village with no electricity. There are also familys that have goats, pigs and turkeys. Fresh goat cheese is available if you ask for it a day in advance. We picked up some tomatoes and fresh tortillas for accessories to our dinner of chorizo/chicken hash. As usual the evening was spent playing hearts. I was doing great until Bill and Heather realized I had passed to Bill twice. So what if I have 1 card and they have 6?! I mean Reeeeeealy!!!

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