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Leg 7 Chatta Loco

IMG 1308


Beautiful catch – a Rooster fish.










IMG 1310



Dinner and margs at Bertha’s on Playa El Burro.






IMG 1316



Found PeeWee’s long lost Mex Papa.










“Library Voices Please!”..that means library horns for la Diabla.






IMG 2569




Snorkelling around the base of rocks in

Bahia Concepcion.





IMG 2578




The Hollow Leg Crew at Bertha’s.





IMG 2580




Chatta Gato!!






IMG 2587



Gill and Liane – Closeness, the ONLY option!






IMG 2595



Inside Bertha’s Bar.






IMG 2601



Ponga Pelican at sunset.






IMG 2611



Hearts have been ‘broken’ by the Queen!







IMG 2622


We came upon a dozen or more dolphins and

they performed for us. OUTSTANDING!!!!






IMG 2645



Mulege River Inlet – weather didn’t allow us to

anchor…..strong winds 20knots….too rough

and too shallow.




IMG 2650



Mulege Farewell – catch ya next time.






Took shelter from the winds in the Bay of Santa Domingo. Running low on supplies but tomorrow will be another beautiful day on the Sea of Cortez. Heading for Punta Chivato tomorrow morning…dreaming of our dolphin friends.

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