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Photo’s for Mark

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I’ve gone through my photos for John & Patsy and only found 2 with them together. The best is one I cropped from a larger photo. Here they are. You can right click on photos to download the full resolution file.

IMG 7952-crop [2]IMG 8344 [3]

Kurt has asked me to write an article for Multihulls magazine. I will be using some of the photos from the cruise. Since you were on the cruise with us I think you should have first option to use them. Here’s a slide show with some possible photos with numbers of each slide in the show. Check them out then let me know if there are any that you would like to use or hang on to for future reference


Here are links to our Baja 09 cruise now in progress. Baja 09 is a 8 week sail south from Puerto Penasco to the Loreto area and then back. The cruise is organized in one week legs with different crews on each week. This allows lots of our friends to join us. This year we have some first timers which is always interesting. I manage the website and create the blog environment. Frankie and I were on legs 2, 3 & 4 so these updates were create by me. Other legs are done by Bill or other crew members on board. It’s fun to see what is created. The Neely blogs are written from our golden retriever’s point of view by Frankie for her dog lovers.

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