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Gato Loco’s Neely Update #2 (Life on board)

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Neely Cruising Baja

IMG 7860IMG 7245Well I got the crossing behind me and a full week on board. I do have to say I am getting very comfortable on Gato Loco. My days begin with a early morning feeding than a ride on the dingy (my favorite) to shore. While on shore my parents take me for a walk, throw a stick or sometimes just a swim. Afterwards we head back to the boat on the dingy and hopefully my friends are up. Then they all decide what we are doing for the day. Of course, in the mean time, I lounge, lounge and more lounging with some sleeping in IMG 7916between. That’s what us doggies do and some do better than others. I guess I do like to sleep and relax a lot only if I am not looking for sea life, swimming or riding in the dingy.

We were in Loreto on Saturday to IMG 7933do a crew change and my friends Victor and Leslie left and my friend Kerry flew in from Australia. After we picked her up we headed to the grocery store. I had to stay out front of the store with Kerry first and then my dad. They had so much groceries we had to get a taxi and I got to go for the ride too!!! Do you think I could do this in the states? A dog in a taxi??

We headed back to the boat to put the groceries away IMG 7918then went in town to shop and have dinner. Can you believe it they let me in the restaurant and I sleep while they eat and drink. Again I ask ,could I do this in the states???

So far I am loving my time I am spending on Gato Loco with my mom, dad, uncle Bill, Victor, Leslie and Kerry!!!!!!!

Sailing is barkaliously fun!!!!!!

Until the next doggone update

IMG 7942

Sailor Neely

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