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San Jaunico, Isla Coronados & Loreto (Leg 2 (6 &7)

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Leaving San Jaunico always requires leaving a token offering on the cruisers tree. Neely found a cool piece of drift wood that became Baja09 Leg 2’s offering. Last years stone was still hanging so we were able to do a little maintenance and hang the new addition. Since Gato Loco will probably be here a couple more times this season there will be lots of artistic versions added I’m sure. Note the feather hooks compliments of Vicr’s fly fishing tackle box.

Perfect sleeping weather last night with cool breeze coming off shore. Winds are forecasted to light today out of the SE. We are very low on ice, so the plan is to make a quick stop on the Loreto water front and pickup some supplies and ride the afternoon breeze over to Ballandra 5 miles east on Isla Carmen. Mission accomplished and after sailing half way across the channel we make contact with MoonDrifter our friends Ralph & Helen sailing their new 1160 Seawind catamaran. They inform us that Ballandra has lots of honey bees so we decide to join them on Isla Coronados 6 miles north of town.

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100’s of little ducks in our anchorage

The north anchorage of Coronados is all white sand beach.IMG 7903 This is the first island of the national park islands off Loreto. 6 other boats are anchored with us. Beautiful turcoise water is inviting us to swim. Overcast skies has cooled things down a bit.

IMG 7896We talked a lot about the 1160 to Vic & Leslie, now they get to see her first hand as we enjoy sunset happy hour on MoonDrifter..


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Saturday April 26th, Today is crew change day and Vic & Leslie’s last day on the boat. They’ve had an awesome time and can’t believe a week has gone by so quickly. After taking a hike on the island volcanic trail we’re off to Loreto to meet Kerry who arrived from Sydney yesterday and drop Vic & Leslie.IMG 0335


Weather is still pretty calm so we will be able to anchor off the malecon and spend the night for an arrival/farewell dinner. But first provision and some sightseeing.

Kerry is staying at the www.ladamianainn.com [1]. a local bed & breakfast inn and has a good night sleep to try to adjust to local time. We picked her up and off to the local market.


.IMG 7913

Beautiful new fruit market near the Mission where the children fall in love with Neely and want to pet her constantly.


Vic & Leslie score a free room & breakfast at the newly remodeled hotel near the marina. They will have to listen to a sales pitch tomorrow but think it worth it to have a beautiful room right on the malecon.

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La Palapa is one of our usual dinner spots. It burned last Sept and has been rebuilt in fresh shape. A fridge caught on fire and caused the fire. Arriving, right away we notice the cool shirts the waiters are wearing. After ordering dinner and a little discussion a waiter loads most of the crew in his van and takes them to buy shirts. After dinner of course we all have to have a picture with the staff. Fun evening and a great arrival party for Kerry.

Sunday morning.. Off the farmers market for more supplies and then we’re off to Puerto Escondido for fuel & water.

Vic & Leslie fly today. Goodbye Amigos, thanks for the great week.

Seawind Rally… Talked to Kurt in San Diego and he flies at noon today to Cabo to pickup another 1160 Seawind and sail for 2 days to join us on the islands and Loreto Fest. We will have at least 4 Seawind catamarans in the Seawind group this year. John & Patsy on Seaesta are in the area and will be the forth boat. Fun days are coming..

Until the next Update… The GatoLoco Crew


Baja crusin ground


Leg 1 April 11-19, Crew: Bill, Bruce & Cynthia Tegge, Clyde Betts sail from Puerto Penasco to San Carlos
Leg 2 April 19-26, Crew: Lowell, Frankie, Neely, Bill, Victor & Leslie Rangel. San Carlos to Loreto. Santa Rosilia, Mulege and visit new friends (overnight anchorage) in Bahia San Marcos
Leg 3 April 26-3, Crew:Bill, Lowell, Frankie, Neely, Kerry Fahey (AU). Seawind Rally to Loreto Fest. Sail from Loreto heading south to meet Seawinds coming from Cabo, maybe meet 2 days south. Kurt will be sailing north from Cabo with California Seawind owners.
Leg 4 May 3-10, Crew:Bill, Frankie ,Lowell, Neely, Bob & Chris Sanders, Kerry Fahey (AU). Sail the Loreto area …. Steve and Cindy will also be in the Loreto area this week.
Leg 5 May 10-17, Crew:Bill, Lisa Wendt, Sally Dalton, Marilyn Haney. Frankie, Neely and I head back to San Carlos flying or by Ferry.
Leg 6 – May 17-24, Crew: Rick Quant & Crew sailing in the Loreto area.
Leg 7 – May 24-31, Crew: Bill, Mike Clark, Liane Guathier, Mike & Gill Panasewicz sail back to San Carlos
Leg 8 – May 31-?, Crew: Bill & his family sail San Carlos back to Puerto Penasco

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