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Mulege to San Jaunico (leg2 days 4-5)

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IMG 7666
Pod of 200+ dolphins feeding on our way to Isla San Ildefonso. With us for over an hour.

IMG 7634Fishing report 🙂 Yes, we’re finally eating fresh fish. Leaving Mulege the fish are biting.

With a little help from the local fishermen sharing their fishing secrets, we are able to land a couple of nice ones! Fresh blackened fish is… Oh So Good!!

IMG 7727

Last years crew Carl will be diving Isla San Ildefonso next week so we visited it for the first time. It’s extremely volcanic with lots of bird life.

With thousands of birds flying around us, fish hitting left and right, it felt like we were on the set of Jurassic Park. We were also lucky enough to see flying Manta ray and Dolphins along the way. There is no shortage of aquatic wildlife on this spectacular island!!

Next anchorage Bahia San Sabastian, a 4 mile spinnaker sail from Ildefonso. Victor blowing extra air into the spinnaker to get us to the next fishing spot in San Sabastian.

IMG 7747a.IMG 7218

With Victors brothers fly rod in hand, he was able to land a couple of small Barracuda. The fish in this area will hit anything shiny & fast


.IMG 7211

We have the little anchorage all to ourselves. This is one of our favorite anchorages with very friendly people and wireless internet. BUT no wireless today?? Later we went to shore and found that their wireless had smoked the day before and someone wasIMG 7226 running to Loreto for parts. In the mean time they said bring our laptop to the patio and plug into a internet cable. Got to like this anchorage and especially Joe and his wife who host the internet. Joe has a vineyard in Santa Cruz and produces a great wine “Rat’s Choice” and spends 2-3 months here a year.

Lots of fishing and swimming since the weather is actually hot until the sun goes down. Calm night on the hook

IMG 7777

Day 5 Thursday, no wind as we motor to Punta Pulpito. Joe said there are lots of lobsters on the north walls and with the calm waters we hope to find some. Winds still calm mid-day as we arrive and we search the walls but no luck on lobster..as no one could hold their breath long enough to hunt them down.

IMG 7781Pulpito cave on the east face. Notice the little white spot near the base, that’s Bill, Frankie & Neely heading into the cave.

Neely liked it so much she joined Lowell, Victor and Leslie when they had to go and see the marvel!!



IMG 7763

No lobster, no problem the spear will still provide lunch. Our fearless hunter brought home the bacon.

Snorkling was fun, we saw a few little sting rays and lots of fish.


Leslie & Victor pose inside the cave. “Hi Elyse and Mia”, mom and dad miss you…xoxo:)

IMG 7801

.IMG 7239

Vic gearing up for the big hunt!


Next stop San Jaunico at Tres Pilars and some snorkeling near the Pinnacle Rock at the south side of the bay. Visibility not as good but we saw some large beautiful schools of Big Black Angel Fish.

IMG 7231The crew took a nice evening hike and Neely was the ultimate mountain goat, (who would have known that she had leg surgery 4 months ago!) The weather was once again, absolutely BEAUTIFUL!


IMG 7837


Frankie and Neely taking a little break from the stick throwing. Boy, Neely just loves going for her shore runs.


San Jaunico anchorage from the resort on the northern hilltop. Gato Loco anchored in front of the island in the center of the bay. Four other sailboats anchored with us for the night. Also noted four on the south shore as we entered the bay. Joe in San Sabastian reported matting whales in the anchorage the past few days but none spotted.

The anchorage has great fishing and the evening tournament was Vic 8, Leslie 1 & Bill 0.IMG 7835

IMG 7847

As the sunset winds are out of the east at 6 and by lights out it has shifted from the west off Baja providing a cool night.

No cards tonight, a plant earth DVD instead. Leslie got her revenge last night 🙂


Blog embellished by Vic & Leslie

Until the next Update… The GatoLoco Crew

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