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Destination Bahia San Sebastian, April 30 (Mon)

Cruisin to Loreto Fest

IMG 4954Destination Bahia San Sebastian, April 30 (Mon)

Bahia Conception can be as smooth as a lake and this morning is one of those days as we motor north to round Punta Conception east of the Mulege area. Weather seems to be warming up maybe just due to the lack of wind this morning. One panga fishing boat working mid channel. Three sailboats set in the anchorage near Punta Conception , two 40′ monos and 50′ cat setting near the fishing camp in the photo below. The camp sets near the point with the navigation light behind.

IMG 4958

The Mulege cell tower gives us good service here so we are catching up on emails as we round and begin heading south. Winds up when we see clear air to the southwest. Finally, our first dolphin sighting as a pod of 30 feed along the surface. The water is suprizingly clear as you can tell in the photo of a big dolphin below our port bow. Didn’t take long for them to continue their breakfast. IMG 4969

Fishing line out for the first time on the trip. This leg is where we seem to catch fish, although there’s no real fishermen on board and I will have to do the cleaning duties if we catch something. Hope it’s not over 20lbs 🙂

IMG 4966 We arrived at Bahia San Sebastian @ 4:30 and I reeled the fishing line with nothing caught. Soon after we arrive another boat arrives. This is a very small anchorage so we closely consider his position. We are setting with single anchor and they set both a bow and stern anchor. It’s tight… as a third boat pulls in and drops the hook. After talking to them we find that they are traveling together, both heading to San Carlos to have their boat hauled to dry storage.

San Sebastian is a very friendly little community with mostly Ca folks except for one house from Port Townsend Wa. IMG 4976a

Frankie was surprised when we hit the shore and went visiting. Before you know it we’re setting having ice cream and wine. Great stories how they build in this remote location. It’s totally solar and they bring most materals from the states and provide us free wireless internet.

IMG 4780a IMG 4784Left photo looking SE with the full moon over our anchorage. A reef projects off the point outside the boats that comes out at lower tides protecting the anchorage. The full moon means max tide so we will have the reef covered during the night, hopefully no swell will be rolling in. Our hosts will be up early tomorrow pouring a cement patio so we will be able to wave goodbye as we head out early for Isla Coronado where we should meet up with the Lake Pleasant sailing club. Beautiful night in the anchorage. No one wants to give it up.

ChartThe Gato Loco Crew.

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