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Headin into Bahia Conception, April 29th (Sun)

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Cruisin to Loreto Fest

Headin into Bahia Conception, April 29th (Sun)

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Some final shots at our Mulege anchorage. The right picture at sunset the lighthouse attendant is turning on the light that must be running on solar these days since the power poles are all laying on the ground!

Music, Music and more Music…. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a serious music lover BUT the beach party near our anchorage went past 4 AM with car stereos going full on.. Some good music though…

Anchor up at 9 AM. The tides heading out and we want to make sure we have enough water to clear the channel. 4.5ft on the depth gauge as we motor out, not close enough to cause sweat beads!!! I’ve seen 2.5ft and cleared.

IMG 4952“On Mexican Time” is becoming the norm.. The 18 mile sail into Conception is perfect, wind at our back pushing us along at 4.5kts sail only. Very peaceful. This is what it’s all about. Flat seas & time for a nap on the front tramp. Entering Conception Bay we headed to our favorite swimming spot on the west side of Isla Coyote. Bugs quickly fill the boat so we made a run for Playa El Burro to the west, dropped the anchor & settled into the Suns – Lakers game 4. Life is good, we’re able to connect to wireless while the Suns kick butt.

Winds up to 17 from the bottom of the bay (SE) as the game wraps, It’s time to sail Frankie to Ray’s for dinner. Amazingly there are only two other sailboats in the Coyote area. Entering Santispac there’s only one where in the past we’ve seen a bunch?? Frankie has the binoculars to check out Ray’s… Bummer, Playa Santispac was covered with Palapa homes last year and we only see one and worse yet NO RAYS:( This is a big crisis!! Nothing to do but go ashore and find out what is going on (Hurricane John?). We headed to the IMG 4772only Palapa house to get the story.. The word is Ray’s burned down in 40 minutes this past IMG 4773December and the beach has been sold and leases on Palapa houses have been terminated so people have torn them down. The people we talked to are building over at Playa El Burro. They also recommended the Anna’s Mexican family restaurant at the east end of the beach. Okay, it’s not Rays but our only other option would be to fix Frankie dinner on the boat. Anna’s has become to the local restaurant with a nice bar and pretty good food. I had garlic scallops, Frankie and Steve had fish tacos. Apparently Ray will be opening a restaurant near Mulege so we will have to find it on a future cruise.

Decided to leave the anchor for the night in front of Anna’s. Movie for the night, vintage flick “Stilleto sails to Baja – 2000”. Our 3rd cruise to Baja on Dos Buenos. Warmer night, sheet only, calm winds. Anchor up 8 AM… Headin south.

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ChartSteve and Frankie turn a few more pages on their books while we listen to Dallas loose to Golden State (Murril’s happy).

The Gato Loco Crew.

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