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Hello New Day in Mulege (moo-la-hay) April 28th

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Cruisin to Loreto Fest

IMG 4880aHello New Day in Mulege (moo-la-hay) Sat. April 28th

We’re anchored just inside the river inlet near the sea wall below the lighthouse where boats tie up Mediterranean style. The channel is only 3 ft deep at low tide. Navigating into the channel we followed the path of a local panga fishing boat as the bottom is sand and can change. Last fall hurricane John hit this area not with big winds but parked it’s self over the mountains inland and dropped 24″s of rain in a 24 hour period turning the river into a class 5 rapid in some areas. We got this information from the owner of El Patron beach front restaurant at the end of the gravel spit connecting the lighthouse point to the river area. During the rush of water the spit was breached in 2 places but soon after mother nature healed her self with storms from the north that re-formed the gravel spit.IMG 4915a

IMG 4882AWeather is perfect, no bugs allowing us to sleep with the boat open under heavy blankets (probably in the 50s). We’re waking up late and plan on staying another day before heading to Bahia Conception tomorrow. The anchorage is a bird sanctuary!

In the morning we went on a walk on the north shore. Meet a local lady (Karen) walking her dogs who showed us a short-cut to the village Loma Azul above our anchorage. The short cut took us past the house she has rented for the past 6 months. Loma Azul’s main attraction is modest white church with a cool steeple that we have admired on our past visits. We made our way back to the river and checked out a new restaurant Pancho Villa.IMG 4761

Hearing all the stories about Hurricane John’s damage we decided to motor up-river to see. Water level raised over 4 meters totally covering IMG 4919athe homes on the south shore. We found that most homes had been fully restored. Those not looked to be fully destroyed or abandoned. Lots of palms down and mangroves ripped out. The channel was so shallow we had to paddle in some spots. There’s talk the river might get dredged in the future to attract more tourism for the local economy.

Later in the day we motored over to the Serenidad hotel and took a taxi into Mulege. It’s late Saturday afternoon and things are shutting down. Did find the local American watering hole for refreshments after hitting the i’cafe. Decided to have dinner on the boat and enjoy the sunset on the river. At sunset we toasted nephew Scott who turned 29 today…

Tomorrows plan is to head to Bahia Conception. Frankie says we must have dinner at Ray’s.IMG 4942Chart






Happy Birthday Scott.

The Gato Loco Crew.


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