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Spring ’09 cruise begins April 11

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Ahoy sailors,
The time is getting close so I thought I’d try to get you a little more excited! Our first run will be approx.105 mi. so the start will be very early Sat. the 11th. the plan is to sleep on board Fri. night and wake just before 2:00am and get underway. The crossing will take all day before arriving at Isla San Luis where we will spend the night. Sunday we will explore the islands and then head on to Gonzaga Bay for sunset and dinner at a restaurant on the beach. Monday, it’s on to Refugio with a few side trips along the way. Tuesday we’re off to Bahia De Los Angles to resupply gas, ice and stretch the legs. We will eat dinner at a restaurant on the beach with good margs and view. Wednesday it’s on to Isla Salsipuedes. Thursday we head off to San Francisquito with more exploring along the way. Friday’s leg will be another long 90 mi. to mainland Mexico. The anchorage is called Las Cocinas north. Saturday we will head on into San Carlos possibly stopping in at the Soggy Peso for a celebritory marg. April can be cool on the water so pack accordingly and as light as possible. The lighter we are the faster we go (start dieting/? HA!)

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If you want to get an overview and some pictures of our anchorages go to Google Earth website (free) and zoom into the different areas. Another fun site is the Weather Underground website-under “weatherstation” at the top of the page. Zoom into the Sea of Cortez and play. Very good weather info.
If you have any questions feel free to contact me.

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