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Sting Reay will Sail with Gato Loco to San Carlos

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IMG 6784a
Vintage photo of Shrimpers as we return from a sailing day in a 16kt breeze.

Great News… Leg 1 will have Craig Reay and his crew John Heizer sailing his Corsair F28 trimaran “Sting Reay” to San Carlos with Gato Loco. She is fast and will keep the Gato Loco crew focused to keep up. It will be fun to watch..

Craig wanted to see a chart with the crossings and potential anchorages for Leg 1. The chart below highlights interesting anchorages; Isla San Luis, Willard Bay, Double headed Cove, Puerto Refugio, Bay of LA, Tiburon and anchorages north of San Carlos. The leg to Isla San Luis is a long full 89nm day of sailing then easy legs until the leg heading to the final anchorage north of San Carlos. At the moment, the plan will be to use Marina Real for the hand off to the leg 2 crew. It looks like I will be towing Sting Reay’s trailer to Marina Real so she can be hauled and stay in the area until sailing back to Penasco with Gato Loco in June. Craig is looking for a crew for that leg…

Leg 1 Crusing Grounds

Sting Reay heading to Puerto Refugio during Baja06

Rick shot this interesting photo while king kong slowly lowers Gato Loco back to the Sea.

IMG 6791
Back from a afternoon of sailing

Until the next Update.. The Gato Loco Crew

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