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Crossing to Mulege – April 27th

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Cruisin to Loreto Fest

Crossing to Mulege (Moo-la-hay) – April 27th

“Hello New Day” quoting a sailing friend.
IMG 4707a
Sunrise as we exit San Carlos harbor..

IMG 4858(7:30) San Carlos is fading on our stern as we mortorsail on a 218 heading towards Mulege. Winds out of the SE @ 14 and sea swells out of the north ( a little confused) and we’re making 8.5kts boat speed. It’s a “Great New Day” with Baja in our sights. Just had VHF radio contact with a sailboat heading into San IMG 4851Carlos after a night crossing. They reported good conditions with confused seas and said the wind had just arrived for them 1 hour earlier. Waves are 2-3ft but I’m sure they will grow as the day unfolds.

(10:30) 3 1/2 hours of good SE winds. Forecasted clouds have appeared and winds dropped and shifted from the north still light at the moment. It’s cool on deck with the sun gone. 32 miles under the keels and 46 remaining. Everybody is catching up on sleep we missed driving yesterday and early rise today. Pace is relaxing but not yet “on Mexican time”. No boats or sea life sighted.IMG 4860

(11:00) Winds up to 14 from the north (not forecast) and seas flattening with the reversed winds. Back up to 8kt boat speed. Our lucky day (we hope).

(1:30) Hauling booty… Winds @ 16-17 flat seas and winds a beam and we’re hiting 10kts with a light motor kicker. Sun is back and it looks like we will be in Mulege before 5. Happy crew!

(3:00) 14 miles from Mulege, winds swung to the NW and lightened to 7 as we approach Baja. Probably our most pleasant crossing. Didn’t have the fishing line out so no fish stories for this crossing. Email access (cell coverage) @ 20 miles out but only 2 emails 🙁

IMG 4714Steve busy getting Gato Loco ready to arrive in Mulege (ship shape).. Anchor down safe & sound at 5:30. It’s Friday night and we will see if we can find the local hot spot. Frist stop El Patron on the beach 200 meters from the boat.

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The Gato Loco Crew.

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