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Baja 09 Leg 3 Seawind Rally Plans taking shape up..

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Kurt Jerman, our Seawind national sales manager out of San Diego, is organizing Seawind catamaran owners that will be in the Sea of Cortez in early May. At this point it looks like 4 or 5 cats will join together to sail into Loreto Fest May 1st. Here’s some of our emails on the topic..

Hey Lowell,


It looks like things are shaping up with regards to the rally. I think we have 4 boats a this stage with Roy and I picking up a boat in San Jose on the 26th and blasting up to Loreto. How far is it from San Jose to Loreto and are the winds favorable for a quick trip? The boat is a new 1160 that lives in San Carlos but the owner is not able to join us for the rally because of family plans already in the works. He has offered us the use of the boat for the rally, so may take him up on it.

Cheers, Kurt

I’ve charted the route to Loreto below. Basically it’s three 70nm legs north (details in route properties) and we can sail south to meet you somewhere between Agua Verde and Bahia San Francisco depending on the other Seawind plans. As a group we can sail to Monserrate or Carmen and then on into Puerto Escondido. Sounds like a workable plan if you are okay with the 3 days sail back to San Jose. Winds would typically be out of the SE coming up late morning a dropping at sunset but storms can bring north winds that can make a very uncomfortable beat north and is usually best to wait for better weather window. You could also be motoring in light winds and flat seas. There’s enough time to get north with some delays but give yourself enough time to get south before booking flights. Sailing straight through in 24 hours could be and option to recover lost time. You know the drill. Anchoring in Bahia San Francisco is beautiful but be aware that strong Cornwell winds can come up at night out of the west so have a good anchor set. Across the channel on Baja is San Evaristo completely protected. Make sure the boat has a Sea of Cortez cruising guide on board for you to reference.

Any news on the other Seawind itinerary? Will they be coming north with you? What about the rest of the crew coming from Cal. ?

Frankie and I visited the new San Jose Del Cabo marina area last year. Nice development in progress.

Sounds like Big Fun.. Lowell

That’s awesome! I will pass it on to the rest of the delivery crew and get them plugged in. It looks like it may be Roy and Joe on the delivery with Lori, myself and Mark Pillsbury (CW chief editor) meeting you all in Loreto on the 28th for a couple of days of cruising and Loreto Fest activities. I need to check in with Ralph and Helen and the Petersons (John and Patsy) to see what their plans are. I suspect they may try to hook up with Roy and Joe out of La Paz and make the trek north.

Kurt Jerman
Seawind USA / West Coast Multihulls
kurt@seawindcats.com [2]
PHONE 619 571 3513

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