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GatoLoco’s Spring Sailing plans starting to take shape..

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Hello to all our Baja Amigos.JanJam

January Jam…. Great excuse for the Gato Loco crew to head for Cholla Bay. Roger and our Peacemaker buddies decided to have an oncore to last January’s Turbo Ocho concert at JJ’s and all the GatoLoco crew was there. The concert brought lots of visitors from north of the border officially starting the spring tourist season in Cholla. It’s also time for us to begin planning and start the process to get Gato Loco ready for our Baja 09 Cruise. 09 looks to be another great sailing season with at least 2 months of sailing. With the help of Kurt Jerman, our buddy and Seawind honcho in San Diego, we’re going to have a Seawind Owners Rally in the Loreto area before Loreto Fest (April 30 – May 3). Seawinds (maker of Gato Loco) are conversing on Loreto Fest and plan on cruising a few days together before. Details are still a little sketchy but we are organizing our cruise plan to be in Loreto a week before the Loreto Fest to meet our cruising family of Seawinds. Rough plans are outlined below.

Leg 1 April 12-19, Crew:Lowell, Bill,seaofcortez

Puerto Penasco to San Carlos

Leg 2 April 19-26, Crew: Lowell, Frankie, Neely, Bill

San Carlos to Loreto. Could pick crew in Santa Rosalia (bus from Ca. ??) Visit our new friends (overnight anchorage) in Bahia San Marcos

Leg 3 April 26-3, Crew:Bill, Lowell, Frankie, Neely

Seawind Rally to Loreto Fest. Sail from Loreto heading south to meet Seawinds coming from Puerto Vallarta, maybe meet 2 days south. Pick up Kurt and ? on the 26th. Some crew could move to other Seawinds as we meet up.

Leg 4 May 3-10, Crew:Bill, Frankie ,Lowell, Neely

Sail the Loreto area

Leg 5 May 10-17, Crew:Bill,

Frankie, Neely and I back to San Carlos some how??

Leg 6 – May 17-24, Crew: Rick

in the Loreto area.

Leg 7 – May 24-31, Crew: Bill,

Leg 8 – May 31-7, Crew: Bill

Roger’s concert in Penasco is June 6th

Here’s a slide show highlighting last years leg1 to San Carlos

[media id=1]
after starting, stop & restart for sound

As last year, we will need some or our Amigos to help crewing Gato Loco, especially since Frankie and I will be cutting out early to head for Missouri to start a remodel on a farm house we bought last year. Cruise plans should be firming up in the coming weeks. Give me an email if you might be interested in crewing. No commitments, but you never know when a spot might open up. We’re getting excited.

Until the next update… The GatoLoco Crew.

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